Reporting Guide: Challenge of the Climate Crisis

2021-12-14. A new guide to help newsrooms and their journalists think about the way they approach and tell the story of climate change.

by Cherilyn Ireton | December 14, 2021

Climate change is an issue that will cut across most subjects tackled by newsrooms – from business to politics, sport and leisure, social pressures and migration. But not everyone or every organisation is at the same level of proficiency when it comes to understanding the issues or delivering engaging content.

WAN-IFRA has been working with newsrooms in Asia to think about the climate stories they tell, how they tell them, as part of the Temasek Foundation: WAN-IFRA Journalism Programme, Challenge of the Climate Crisis.

Key takeaways from the training have been distilled into a concise reporting guide designed to get newsrooms thinking about:

  • Your role and responsibility in telling the climate change story
  • Understanding foundation science and where to source it
  • Language, context and measurement
  • Misinformation
  • Newsroom organisation
  • How you tell the story.


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