World Press Trends Report 2015

The latest issue of the definitive guide to the global newspaper industry, in numbers, trends and changes.

Report: New and emerging business models of newspaper printing companies

This new WAN-IFRA Report examines the main options for newspaper printers in the wake of news media’s transformation: optimizing production costs, contending with hurdles and pitfalls, and – most importantly – developing new models to secure their survival.

Report: ISO 12647-3:2013: Quality standard for newspaper production

In January 2015, the WAN-IFRA World Printers Forum Board decided to intensify working in the area of print standardisation in cooperation with newspaper printers worldwide. A new version of the newspaper ICC colour profile was developed and tested by the Swedish Graphic Companies’ Federation in cooperation with WAN-IFRA.

Report: Anatomy of a Global Investigation: Collaborative, Data-Driven, Without Borders

Details the founding, successes, and tactics of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, an organization that leverages big data and the skills of journalists in 65 countries to produce investigative reports.

Innovations in Newspapers World Report 2015

An annual survey by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group for the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)

Report: Trends in Newsrooms 2015

In this 2015 edition of Trends in Newsrooms, we highlight some of the exciting digital developments that have brought a new dimension to news content and delivery: from chat apps to analytics, to automation and drone journalism.

Report: Data Privacy: An issue for our time

This report presents best-practice recommendations from data privacy experts and publishers around the world, results of consumer and publisher surveys, and recent trends and regulations around the topic.

Report: Wearables – The key considerations for news publishers

The report raises the key questions about these potentially disruptive technologies so you can better determine a course of action – or non-action.

Report: The impact of programmatic advertising on news publishers

This WAN-IFRA report examines how news publishers can profit from programmatic advertising, a rapidly evolving trend that is reshaping the digital advertising landscape.

Report: Best practice in digital media 2014

The report showcases how both large and small news media companies can thrive in the face of intense digital competition.