World Press Trends Report 2013

The 2013 World Press Trends report provides a snapshot of the global newspaper industry, with aggregated international data on circulation, advertising, readership, titles, revenues, digital platforms and more.

Report: Paid digital content: The journey begins

Implementing a paid digital content strategy means much more than deciding to charge users for certain articles; it touches every part of a publisher’s organisation. The strategic thinking, preparation and launch process is extremely interesting and healthy for news companies. Our Paid Content report explores that process and presents lessons learned by publishers around the world, who have agreed to share their experiences in depth.

Report: Trends in Newsrooms 2013

This is the World Editors Forum’s ninth report on the state of the news industry.

Innovations In Newspapers World Report 2013

An annual survey by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group for the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers

Report: Trends in Newspaper Production

Automation, cutting costs and creating new revenues continue to be the most important current trends in newspaper production, though increasingly also the modernisation of existing production equipment in order to postpone investments in new equipment.

Report: Top Trends in Social Media – Best of the XMA Cross Media Awards 2012

Twelve news publishers have been designated “Social Media Stars” in the 2012 XMA Cross Media Awards, the annual awards from WAN-IFRA honouring news media companies that make the best use of social media.

Report: Carbon Footprint of News Publishing

How much greenhouse gas results from the daily newspaper? Is it possible to reduce greenhouse gases by reading the daily news on a computer screen or mobile device instead of on paper?

Report: Trends in Newsrooms 2012

Trends in Newsrooms is the annual review from the World Editors Forum of best practices in major newsrooms, along with innovations in the field of journalism.

Report: Open Journalism

Open journalism is a phrase that has crept into the news industry’s vocabulary over the past few months and which has recently been given a substantial boost by the Guardian in the UK, whose open journalism efforts were marked by an “Open Weekend” held at the paper at the end of March.

Report: Conformance of Imported and Indian newsprint to DIN 19306-4

WAN-IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre (RMTC) conducted a research study on the conformance of the newsprint used by Indian publishers, both Indian and imported newsprint, to DIN 19306-4.