Report: Financially Viable Media in Emerging and Developing Markets

Political pressures remain a major challenge for many newspapers in developing countries, but economic pressures and turbulent business conditions are emerging as equally disturbing threats to business development and editorial independence.

Report: Addressing the Capitalization Gap for Independent News Media

The capitalization gap for independent news media businesses in developing markets is a stark reality.

Report: World News Future & Change Study

The second annual World News Future & Change Study concludes that the vast majority of the world’s news publishers recognise their traditional revenue sources of print advertising and newspaper subscriptions will no longer provide financial returns as in years past.

Report: World Digital Media Trends 2010

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers’ World Digital Media Trends 2010 partnered with 66 research companies to piece together the world’s media and advertising landscapes, as well as media usage trends on different platforms and a look at how those trends impact the newspaper industry.

Report: Ringier: The integrated newsroom of the “Blick” Group

This report describes the Ringier reorganisation project in detail, including background and underlying considerations, the challenges for modern journalism, staff, architecture and technology.

Report: Archant: Newsroom transformation in the British regional press

In 2010, Archant raised the bar of how a regional publishing organisation can fundamentally change how content is planned, created and produced in all of its newsrooms, at the same time as implementing a new editorial and CMS system.

Report: World Press Trends 2010 Edition

The 21st edition of World Press Trends is already the fourth that contains reports on every country and territory in the world where newspapers are published.

Report: Million Dollar Strategies for Newspaper Companies

Newspaper industry experts say that the days of unbridled profitability with print advertising are gone forever. Most newspaper publishers around the world are seeking out new revenue models and new business practices that will sustain their businesses and pay for quality journalism well into the future.

Report: Trends in Newsrooms 2010

Welcome to the sixth edition of Trends in Newsrooms, offering summary and analysis of a fascinating year for the news industry.

Report: Going Green

Around the world, newspapers are recognising the value and promise for the future that is created by implementing a green strategy.