Report: Paper Reel Management with RFID Technology – A Case Study

Paper making is an energy intensive and hence costly process. Any increase in operational efficiency in the area of paper management will yield considerable cost savings.

Report: New Revenue Models for Newspaper Companies

For decades, print advertising has been the lifeblood of newspapers’ operating expenses, particularly for printing, distribution and editorial operations. Together these represent more than 70 percent of a newspaper company’s expenses.

Report: Charting the Course for Newspapers

Publishers and editors are planning a new world for newspapers, with aggressive strategies for future survival and expansion, according to hundreds of newspaper executives surveyed in the Future & Change study, WAN-IFRA’s largest ever survey.

Report: Publishing to Targeted Audiences

In addition to the “general purpose” newspaper, the future of the newspaper industry will require newspaper companies to create a portfolio of targeted print and digital products for a variety of audiences based on age, gender, location, socio-economic status, ethnicity and interest group.

Report: World Press Trends China, India & South-East Asia 2009 Edition

This is the the first special regional edition of World Press Trends, focusing on the most dynamic regions of China, India and South-East Asia in the most dynamic media continent in the last decade.

Report: World Digital Media Trends 2009

Even as the global economic downturn stunted or reversed growth across industries in the last half of 2008 and into 2009, digital media and advertising have continued to see growth, and are forecast to continue their expansions well into 2012.

Report: New Printing Plants

The newspaper market in most western countries is saturated, with future options focused mainly on competition with the Internet. In other parts of the world, there is healthy growth, for example, in India, where 99 million newspaper copies are sold daily and the numbers are increasing.

Report: The Power of Print

The report tracks the stable performance of trust in newspapers compared with other sources of news, and underscores the importance of protecting the core assets moving forward.

Report: The mobile journalist – from backpack to pocket journalism

A mojo is a mobile journalist, someone who reports with a mobile phone. This innovative form of newsgathering has spread around the world since late 2007 and offers major opportunities for newspapers.

Report: Innovative Advertising

Innovative newspaper advertising can not only be seen, but also smelt, heard, felt, looked through, put up on the wall as a poster and scanned with the mobile camera – all this is described in the report.