Event Video Recordings: Reader Revenue

WAN-IFRA’s array of events and webinars provide valuable insights to the strategies and best-practice of publishers and experts all over the world. Here are some highlights of our most recent events.

Asian Newsmedia Focus February 2021, India Special Edition

Asian Newsmedia Focus is a biannual magazine published by WAN-IFRA South Asia turning its lens on the publishing business in Asia.

Newsroom Guide: Journalism in the Age of Pandemics

The World Editors Forum launched a digital handbook for 2021 to help journalists, editors and newsrooms navigate COVID-19 and future health crises.

Status and Progress of the OECD work on the adaptation of taxing rights to the digital era

This publication summarizes the status of the work performed by the OECD in actively exploring changes to its Model Tax Convention in order to close off cross-border tax loopholes and ensure that multinationals pay taxes where they generate profits.

Technology Guide and Directory 2020-2021

This annual publication looks at some of the leading trends and technology facing news publishers and features advice from leading experts in the industry. Crucially, it features our directory of solutions providers to the industry to help publishers take key decisions.

Report: Takeaways from DME20 on digital subscription marketing

Digital Media Europe’s reader revenue part of the programme was focused on the many aspects of subscription marketing. This report covers the five core topics laid out in that programme, featuring 13 publisher case studies and numerous advice from industry experts. (If you are a non-member interested in purchasing this report, email: dean.roper@wan-ifra.org)

Report: Bausteine des Tech-Stacks für Lesereinnahmen

2020-12-01. Mit diesem Bericht werfen wir sozusagen einen Blick hinter die Kulissen und gehen den zahlreichen internen logistischen und strategischen Fragen nach, mit denen sich die Nachrichtenverlage innerhalb ihrer Infrastruktur befassen müssen, damit ihr System für die Lesereinnahmen so effektiv und nahtlos wie möglich funktioniert.

Newsroom transformation: 10 big ideas

2020-11-20. As part of the five-month-long Newsroom and Business Transformation 2020 Programme in the Asia Pacific, WAN-IFRA has published this Newsroom Transformation handbook (authored by George Brock and Greg Piechota) of 10 Big Ideas in the hope it will help you advance your digital journey while transformation is a choice, rather than a last-ditch strategy.

Report: Media Laws in India

2020-11-03. On one side there are demands to repeal laws that are being misused to hound journalists, on the other side is the issue of journalists crossing the line if left unfettered. Is there a middle path between both? Will making Civil Defamation laws tougher help? Is an independent media commission that hears and disposes of cases swiftly an alternative? The new report by WAN-IFRA analyses the situation, explores alternatives and offers tips to journalists.

Innovation in News Media World Report 2020

2020-10-05. The 22nd annual survey by Innovation Media Consulting Group for the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).