Report: World Press Trends 2005 Edition

2004 has been a good year for newspapers globally, as this new edition of World Press Trends will amply demonstrate.

Report: Revision of ISO 12647-3

ISO 12647-3, the international newspaper printing standard, was released in 1998.

Report: The IfraNewsplex Initiative / Lessons in Convergence – Executive Summary

As the world’s media companies march into the new century, hundreds of them are marching to a different drum – a new rhythm with multiple media operating and publishing in harmony – with the goal to be in better synch with their audience members’ needs.

Report: The Format Change Phenomenon

The move to smaller formats has become unstoppable. But what are the pitfalls?

Report: Free dailies: Past or future?

Whether they are for commuters or home delivery, free dailies offer a very real threat to publishers of paid-for newspapers. And a very real opportunity.

Report: Media Landscapes – Beyond Advertising

There is a new beast in the media jungle: the retailer.

Report: Classified Models Revisited

There are two clear messages in this year’s study of classified migration. Firstly, the bad news: if publishers do not move fast to transform their business models, they will lose a lot – if not most – of their classified revenues over time.

Report: Circulation Science

Successful circulation operations can deliver the loyalty of the readers that editors and advertisers yearn for.

Report: From Broadsheet to Tabloid – Effects on Production in the Conversion

Several Swedish newspapers have converted from broadsheet to tabloid format and several more are considering following suit. When considering this possibility it is important to understand how the conversion will affect production and production costs.

Report: Free Newspapers – an Update

This report is a follow-up to the paper authored by Valérie Arnould and Vincent Peyrègne, completed in May 2001 and published in April 2002 as Ifra Special Report 6.25 under the title “Free Newspapers – An International Market Survey”.