Reader Revenue Review of 2022

2023-01-19. As publishers around the world continue to turn to reader revenue as a foundational source of sustainable revenue and a core part of their editorial strategy, it is crucial to surface best-practice from around the world. And that is what this report is all about.

New report on Next-level Newsletters, tips and strategies from around the world

2022-10-28. We have just published a new report on Next-level Newsletters, which is available free to our Members using the link below. The following post is from the Introduction, to give you a glimpse into the report and why you should read it.

Innovation in News Media World Report 2022-23

2022-09-30. As journalism emerges from a fragile world, we are happy to report that we find the news industry stronger than ever. Here are insights from the Innovation in News Media World Report 2022-23 — an annual survey by INNOVATION Media Consulting Group, for WAN-IFRA.

Report: Subscription Bootcamp: Digital News Innovation Programme

2022-07-19. In 2021-2022, WAN-IFRA organised a six-month ‘Digital Subscription Bootcamp’ programme, supported by Meta Journalism Project India, aimed at helping news publishers in India to launch their reader revenue activity. Here are the learnings.

Report: Advice on Choosing a CMS

2022-06-30. Ariane Bernard, publishing platform founder and product management consultant, has helped implement some of the most prestigious CMS projects in the news business. In this report, she shares her recommendations for publishers and newsrooms searching for a new CMS.

Report: World Press Trends Outlook 2021-2022

2022-05-04. This edition of WAN-IFRA’s annual flagship research and report reveals an industry challenged but optimistic about its business. It examines the results of publishers’ business in 2021, their forecasts for 2022 and beyond, and the trends and issues shaping the industry.

Report: The Disrupted Newsroom

2022-04-29. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns forced many news organisations to move to remote working. More than two years in, WAN-IFRA surveyed a range of editors and newsroom executives to find out what their work arrangements in the newsroom currently look like, and what changes they are planning to implement in the future.

Report: World Printers Forum Outlook 2021-2022

2022-03-15. The WAN-IFRA World Printers Forum Outlook survey is conducted each year to understand the trends and predictions in the printing industry. This year’s survey showed that publishers’ printing operations had an improved 2021 and are optimistic about 2022 business.

Asian Newsmedia Focus March 2022, India Special Edition

2022-03-04. Asian Newsmedia Focus is a biannual magazine published by WAN-IFRA South Asia turning its lens on the publishing business in Asia.

Report: AI’s Rising Role with Editing and Reader Revenue

2022-02-15. WAN-IFRA and Germany-based Schickler Consulting Group collaborated on this report to examine how AI is increasingly playing a role with publishers’ reader revenue strategies and editing in the newsroom.