Report: Print-Online Performance Gap

Using a longitudinal analysis of readership data of 51 US newspapers, the findings of this study, say that assumptions that “print will one day die” and “digital will rule” were woefully off the mark.

Report: Best Practice in Digital Media

Profiles of the 2016 World Digital Media Awards winners.

World Press Trends Report 2016

The definitive guide to the global news media industry in numbers, trends and changes.

Report: Inkjet applications in newspaper production

To make the best use of industrial inkjet digital printing in a newspaper environment, it is imperative to identify the applications and niches that can be served better and at lower cost.

The 2016 Global Report on Online Commenting

In an age where engagement matters, the 2016 online commenting study questioned the risks of transferring hard-earned audience gains onto social media platforms. Given the potentially toxic and brand-damaging effect of inflammatory comments, it asked whether a comment section is worth investing in and what return, if any, it generates. Are there ways to build a civil and constructive commenting space?

Report: Trends in Newsrooms 2016

The World Editors Forum’s annual report on trends shaping editorial operations around the world explores how editors can overcome challenges of the social media age.

Innovations in News Media World Report 2016

The 18th annual survey by Innovation International Media Consulting Group for the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) is available.

Report: Ad Blocking – Implications and strategies for publishers

Publishers stand to lose revenue from every user who blocks ads. What can they do about it? The report includes best-practice case studies, analyzes issues and pitfalls, and offers recommendations.

Report: Alternative Revenue Streams for Publishers

Detailed case studies of publishers tapping revenue streams including niche sites, events, digital marketing services and e-commerce, among others.

Report: Online comment moderation: emerging best practices

In many parts of the globe, online comments have become an essential ingredient of a thriving news publication. This report shares emerging best practices around comment moderation.