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If you are already members of WAN-IFRA, there is a diverse and extensive offering of services waiting for you. Find out how you and your organisation can benefit.




1. Verify your personal online user account – This allows you and your colleagues to access a multitude of research, special reports, databases, executive summaries and member-only areas of the WAN-IFRA website – and update your profile in the members’ directory. Make sure that everybody in your company is well registered with a proper user account: Email or follow this link to request your password reset.


2. Join our programme of events – Up to 50% discount on WAN-IFRA events, conferences and training. Free access to WAN-IFRA series of webinars.
WAN-IFRA events, conferences and training. 


3. Keep and edge with the most critical business news and strategic market trends.– All staff of our members’ companies can subscribe to our newsletters and join the conversation on trends in journalism, business, policy, print, digital transformation, and innovation. Follow us online on, or social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and our video channel (Youtube)


4. Subscribe to the daily Executive News Service or one of our topical newsletters. They will keep you up to date with the latest industry news delivered every day to your inbox.
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5. Download our Reports One of WAN-IFRA’s most important activities is research in all areas of newspaper production, editorial, digital media development, media business, advertising, organisation and strategy. Browse and download our reports.


6. Add your voice to our Press Freedom campaigns and join our mentoring programmes – WAN-IFRA protects the rights of journalists and publishers to operate a free media and promote editorial quality and professional practice. Discover how we and our members work together to promote and defend a free press worldwide.



The business communities we serve are front and centre of our member programmes in five regions: Europe, APAC, South Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. 

The Digital Revenue Network is at the heart of the digital revenue discussion. Our Digital Revenue Network is focused on the following topics: Subscription Marketing including customer journey, retention, product and pricing; Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content; Premium advertising from branded content to advertising alliances.

The World Editors Forum is the premier community of engaged professional editors, speaking out for press freedom, promoting continued innovation in journalism, and fostering diversity and trust in media.

The Global Alliance for Media Innovation is a global resource center for news media to embrace transformation, drive innovation, maximize success, and quickly advance the best talents and innovations to the market.

The World Printers Forum is the central point of the international news media print community from prepress to press and to product finishing and delivery. Its objective is to encourage innovation and productivity as well as product development. It promotes the power of print and the sustainability of print production.

The Media Policy Forum WAN-IFRA engages with public authorities, institutions, and other trade bodies, and evaluates and opposes all measures which restrict the free publishing activity.

Women in News WAN-IFRA partners with media organisations and individuals to close the gender gap in news. We do so in the belief that balanced newsrooms, boardrooms and content are key to building resilient news organisations. Our programmes empower people and organisations to work together in support of a healthier, lasting and inclusive news industry.




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