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WAN-IFRA is the world-leading trade organisation for news publishers and a leading provider of real-time business and strategic intelligence services to news publishers and their technology partners. WAN-IFRA brings you a healthy perspective on the many collective challenges facing the news media. We drive the global conversation on the future of independent news publishing in three focus areas that impact the news ecosystem worldwide:

PRESS FREEDOM AND JOURNALISM We protect the rights of journalists and publishers to operate free media and promote editorial quality and professional practice.

MEDIA SUSTAINABILITY We provide our members at all stages of development with innovative and professional services to help their businesses prosper.

MEDIA INNOVATION We provide our members with new ideas and applied research by bringing the outside in and looking beyond what is already known.

We do this through our publications and reports; our series of global and local events and forums where we facilitate easy peer-to-peer connections to share and learn from best practices; our advisory services and applied research programmes; our campaigns to advocate for press freedom; and our media development programmes supporting news professionals under threat or operating in fragile states.

As a member of WAN-IFRA, you will be right in the heart of the action by participating in Committees and Working Groups, receiving up to 50% discount on exclusive events, conferences, study tours, training courses and consulting services, with online access 24/7 to member services and an inclusive subscription to our special reports and business and technology news services.


We customize your annual membership fee to the size of your company. To receive a quote, complete your personal non-binding online application form.



1. PEER-TO-PEER CONNECTIONS Members benefit from opportunities to share best practices, build networks and identify areas for collaboration on business and content strategy, revenue generation and industry action through the World Editors Forum , alongside WAN-IFRA business communities such as the Digital Revenue Network, Global Alliance for Media Innovation, World Printers Forum, the Media Policy Forum. Small, by-invitation roundtable sessions and speaker series are offered to the C-suite cohorts throughout the calendar year. Our business communities allow media professionals to have immersive conversations that count, get alerted to emerging trends that match your areas of interest, learn from success and failures, share business strategy, link and connect ideas, weave with business peers, and connect. PERKS: Exclusive benefits for members. 

2. CUTTING-EDGE CONFERENCES Our physical events have been called off during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we have organised a series of virtual events gathering 12,000 media professionals in 2021. While resuming our in-person conferences and workshops, we will continue delivering a rich virtual events programme. PERKS: Participation in the virtual summits, conferences and webinars is free for members | Up to 50% discount on in-person events’ participation public fees. 

3. JUST-IN-TIME REPORTS trends reports and market analysis of the most relevant industry topics. PERKS: Free access to the digital editions of our in-depth research reports for all your staff.  Save EUR 250 per publication.

4. BUSINESS HEADLINES WAN-IFRA provides a lucid, authoritative filter to the overwhelming flood of information about media. We focus on quick delivery of insights via digital channels with our Blogs, social networks, special reports and segmented newsletters. PERKS: Unrestricted access to all our publications  | Sign up for our email Newsletters and stay up-to-date on news media developments. The daily Executive News Service, a global overview of the latest headlines, developments and trends in the industry, as well as original WAN-IFRA content.

5. MASTERCLASSES & COACHING Training and Coaching courses are accessible in multiple languages through our Media Management Accelerator online training platform and our tuition-free programmes. PERKS: Preferential rates exclusive for members. 

6. ACCESS TO EXPERTISE We offer cutting-edge world-class expertise to support the transformation of your businesses through customized programmes. Whether you would like a quick assessment call, an on-site strategic workshop for your managers, a full-scale transformation project, or apply to our masterclasses, e-learning courses or year-long executive programme, WAN-IFRA delivers the link between information, expertise and results. Our consultants assist our members worldwide in the following areas of expertise: Executive Coaching, Branded Content, Newsroom Efficiency, Reader revenue, Digital Subscriptions, Newspaper Production. PERKS: Preferential rates exclusive for members.

7. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES We provide our Member Suppliers with various strategic sponsorship and commercial opportunities to gain access to an influential worldwide audience of 10,000 media professionals in our events, and 28,000 subscribers to our newsletters. PERKS: 25% discount on the public price for advertising, sponsorship and exhibition space packages at the international and regional WAN-IFRA events.

8. MEMBERS DIRECTORY Service providers and technology suppliers are granted with free entry in the WAN-IFRA Technology Guide & Directory, the largest directory of its kind of suppliers and service providers to the newspaper and magazine industries worldwide. PERKS: Free listing for members.

9. MEMBER HOTLINE Ask our regional offices around the world for exclusive insights and connections with peers and business partners. PERKS: Exclusive benefits for members.

10. ADD YOUR VOICE Members participate in defining the world’s press strategic agenda through active involvement in committees and decision-making bodies. Members in need can rely on the collective support of our global membership.


Member companies and their subsidiaries qualify for full membership benefits. All employees of member companies are entitled to membership login and access to all benefits, including free access to the online library download area. WAN-IFRA members are granted membership in its various communities: the World Editors Forum, the Digital Revenue Network, the World Printers Forum, the Global Alliance for Media Innovation, and theMedia Policy Forum.

WAN-IFRA offers membership packages for Corporate Members (news publishers, media tech entrepreneurs, and service providers), Individual Members, Publishers’ Associations and Startup companies.


Apply online and receive a customized quote: online application

Questions about the full range of WAN-IFRA membership benefits? email us:


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