Financial Times to go digital first, changing mindset and shifting resources

Responsive vs. adaptive design: which is best for publishers?

This is a guest post from Garrett Goodman, a new media consultant who does business development for Paris-based startup Worldcrunch. He also blogs for the Huffington Post on innovations in journalism.

Although the differences between responsive and adaptive design are nuanced for the non-developer, the distinctions are increasingly important as publishers see more and more traffic come from mobile devices.

Convergence of technologists with journalists should be top priority of publishers and editors, says Ken Doctor

“Get more people to consume more Journal content, profitably”

Moving towards digital at the Economist

Will the “purest, simplest model for online journalism” work?

What to expect in 2013

Year of the paywall, once again?

Real readers use e-readers (but tablets grab the e-books)

The migration to e-books is happening faster on tablets, but owners of e-readers still read more.

Video is essential to online news – just ask Brightcove

“Consider a page without video as a naked page”

Winners shaping the future: Gwen Lister

The Namibian, founded in 1985, faced a dual challenge: a politically repressive regime and the quest for a business model, says Gwen Lister, the paper’s founder editor and Executive Editor. The paper began with donor funding, but achieved financial sustainability after Namibian independence in 1991.

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