Are you among the Best Newspaper Printers in the world?

2024-01-24. The 16th International Color Quality Contest is the worldwide biennial quality competition for newspapers and magazines. Its goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing, while also increasing competitiveness as well as training and motivating all personnel. It rewards winners who print according to international ISO 12647-3 and other standards.

Automation helps Norway’s Fosna-Folket convert users

2024-01-17. Norway’s Polaris Media has been highly tactical in deploying automated content in its newsrooms. One example is its Fosna-Folket title, which has used automation to leverage subscriptions.

Images of Iranian women journalists temporarily released on bail spark fresh hijab charges

2024-01-16. A day after Niloufar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi were released from prison on bail, pending appeal, Iran’s judiciary has filed new charges against them, for appearing without a hijab.

Condé Nast’s six point strategy for a sustainable future

2024-01-15. Condé Nast offers an interesting case study of transformation in the publishing industry, having embarked on a significant restructuring process in order to adapt to changes in the market, its audiences and advertisers.

AI, sustainability, and elections: global editors share key concerns for 2024

2024-01-12. Globally, news media faces an uncertain future, compounded by general mistrust, big tech challenges, and mis/disinformation at scale. The good news is that across the world, editors, publishers and newsroom leaders are (mostly) up to the challenge.

‘Just start!’ – Markus Knall on the benefits of Reverse Strategy in AI experimentation

2024-01-12. There’s no escaping AI’s disruption of the media landscape – which is why upskilling is a pressing need for newsrooms. Ippen Digital’s Markus Knall steers newsroom heads wary of aggressive tech infiltration in the right direction.

Sales expertise, gender diversity key to digital media success, initiative finds

2024-01-11. Digital native companies with dedicated sales teams and solid gender diversity are more successful than those that do not, according to findings from a year-long multi-national research initiative by Project Oasis.

Argentina’s Clarín introduces AI assistant UalterAI to help boost engagement

2024-01-11. Argentina’s Clarín has added an AI tool to its website to enhance reader engagement. On each published story, readers can now choose AI written summaries, select alternative formats and find additional context for the original news item.

What’s next for printed newspapers? Insights from Mediahuis and FAZ

2024-01-10. Belgium-based Mediahuis and Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) share their print and digital strategies for the future.

Mastering frontpage engagement: Norway’s VG aligns strategy and analytics

2024-01-04. Verdens Gang (VG) is Norway’s largest news website. In navigating the delicate balance between news integrity, reader engagement, and revenue generation, has crafted a unique, data-driven approach.