Tips for cultivating a reader-centric newsroom

2021-10-13. As reader subscriptions become an increasingly important part of the newsroom revenue mix, many news publishers will find the need for changes that require organisation-wide collaboration.

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Making the business case for publisher ad alliances

2021-10-12. During WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference, speakers discussed how countering today’s challenges require publishers to not only look within but also without. Forming alliances with the strongest competitors can earn you an unexpected edge.

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Reuters Institute: Public trust in news increases, but most reluctant to pay

2021-10-12. Focusing on trends in trust and paying for news, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, presented the highlights from Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2021, during WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference.

Young users and old-school metrics: How 24sata reinvented itself to become Croatia’s top media company

2021-10-12. JoomBoos, owned by Croatia’s top media outlet 24sata, is the country’s most-watched YouTube channel catering to Generations Z and Alpha. During WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference, Matej Lončarić, Director of Video Operations and media brands JoomBoos & miss7, explained how JoomBoos has monetised its videos and adopted linear TV’s ad metrics to grow its revenues by 35 percent in a year.

The tools that help drive engagement, loyalty and subscriptions

2021-10-10. “It’s important to convert search traffic into internal traffic, or getting users to discover more content within the site,” said Abhishek Marla, of Chartbeat at a panel discussing overarching reader trends during WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference.

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Retaining subscribers: Key learnings from The Atlantic and MediaNews Group

2021-10-08. While retention is extremely important, it cannot be considered as an objective in itself says Louis Deering, Vice President of Digital Subscriptions of MediaNews Group, publisher of the San José Mercury News, Boston Herald, and The Denver Post.

Golden Pen of Freedom laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov awarded Nobel Peace Prize

2021-10-08. “Free, independent and fact-based journalism serves to protect against abuse of power, lies and war propaganda. Without freedom of expression and freedom of the press, it will be difficult to successfully promote fraternity between nations, disarmament and a better world order to succeed in our time.” Nobel committee chair, Berit Reiss-Andersen.

Podcast: Where is the money? Financing African media

2021-10-08. Join us for the latest episode of The Backstory Media Freedom podcast as we explore how African media companies are finding innovative ways of coping – and thriving – in the midst of huge economic uncertainty.

How regional newspapers increased display ad sales 300% during the pandemic

How can local and regional newspapers and their ad clients extend the lifeline and value of small print-only ads? A session during the recent Digital Media Europe 2021 delved into the automated and smart ad approach, specifically how three regional papers adopted a longtail strategy of selling display ads during the pandemic with positive results, with an assist from Transmatico’s smart ads technology. | Sponsored Content

World’s press, book publishers and journalists condemn Pakistan plan for strict control over media

2021-10-06. WAN-IFRA, the International Publishers Association (IPA), and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) call on Pakistani authorities to retract plans to establish the ‘Pakistan Media Development Authority’ (PMDA) that risks placing strict state control over all media.

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