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How editors are adapting to the new generation of journalists: ‘We need to be open and learn as much as we teach.’

2022-10-20. The new generation of news professionals have a different set of values from their older colleagues, which is causing tensions to arise in various news outlets around the world. A panel of newsroom leaders discussed how editors can help their newsrooms navigate these conflicts.

How diversity and inclusion make a business case for journalism

2022-10-20. In July, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its annual report on the Global Gender Gap, assessing 146 countries, of which India ranked 135th in terms of gender parity in the workforce.

Spanish Legion, foodies content helps La Voz de Almería drive progress towards digital subscriptions

2022-10-19. The Spanish newspaper is serving a new focus audience, the Spanish Legion and the broader community around the military unit, through a dedicated website section, newsletter and a YouTube channel. The audience-driven approach has been a crucial part in laying the groundwork for an extensive change in the newsroom culture.

Join WAN-IFRA’s Equality Pledge

2022-10-13. Our vision for the media industry is to be equal, diverse and inclusive within its leadership ranks, newsrooms and content produced. We call on you to sign our Equality Pledge.

Facing Jail, World’s Press Calls for Charges Against Maria Ressa and Rappler to be Dropped

WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum urge President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to show his stated commitment to press freedom by ending the Philippine state’s legal pursuit of Maria Ressa and her news outlet Rappler.

Member Exclusive

Indian Printers Summit: ‘Print is not reviving; it has already revived’

2022-10-07. Is print in India really reviving or are we just catching up? To answer this, three industry insiders joined a roundtable discussion on the post pandemic revival of print and the ensuing business opportunities during WAN-IFRA’s recent Indian Printers Summit in New Delhi.

WAN-IFRA’s second European Printers Summit set for 26-27 October in Frankfurt, Germany

2022-10-06. Following the successful introduction of the European Printers Summit (EPS) in 2021, WAN-IFRA invites top production executives, technical directors, procurement directors and technology providers from the news media industry to the event’s second edition held in Frankfurt on 26 and 27 October 2022.

Axios publisher offers a master class in engagement

2022-10-06. As many news publishers increasingly gravitate towards producing newsletters as a means of growing their audience, Axios provides an example of a successful modern news media company built on newsletters as its primary means of distribution.

How The Sunday Times is winning new audiences

2022-10-04. The UK publisher is reaching new reader groups thanks to an optimised online publishing schedule, more prominently displayed explainers that serve heavy news consumers, and new approach to content aimed at millennials.

Daily Maverick turns to song to mobilise climate action with 20Twenties: Eve of Destruction

22-10-04. A groundbreaking new project from the South African news organisation, which dominated WAN-IFRA’s 2022 global digital awards, is born of frustration from climate change journalism failing to trigger action. Editor Branko Brkic wanted a short, sharp and shareable message that would not be forgotten.