Indonesia: Where the advertising business model for media still works

2022-05-05. While media in many countries are ceding the battle for advertising revenue to platforms like Google and Facebook, some of the world’s most populated countries are taking a different direction, and going head to head with the giants. This case study on IDN Media is drawn from a collection of inspiring initiatives on ensuring media visibility, written by Larry Kilman for UNESCO.

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Here’s how well The Atlantic understands its audience

2022-05-05. “We have talked to thousands of current, prospective and cancelled subscribers. We know that when it comes to topics of great interest that are more genre specific, the audience is well served. We are still a general interest news magazine, but there are a few things that set us apart from our competitive set,” says Emily Goligoski, Executive Director, Audience Research, for The Atlantic.

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For many editors, the hybrid newsroom is here to stay

2022-05-05. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns forced many news organisations to move to remote working. More than two years in, WAN-IFRA surveyed a range of editors and newsroom executives to find out what their work arrangements in the newsroom currently look like, and what changes they are planning to implement in the future.

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News leaders share how they’re experimenting with TikTok

2022-05-05. As one of the most popular social media apps among Gen Z, TikTok is drawing in news organisations aiming to boost brand awareness and unlock younger demographics.

#BehindTheHeadlines: How The Quint helped give a voice to some of India’s COVID Orphans

2022-05-05. In the build-up to this year’s World News Day on 28 September, a global campaign by the World Editors Forum and Canadian Journalism Foundation o show journalism makes a difference, we will be going #BehindTheHeadlines to highlight stories, like this one from The Quint, India, that have had a significant social impact.

Cómo perder el miedo a las estrategias para lograr ingresos por lector: aprendizajes del LATAM Business Transformation Programme

22-05-19. El programa ayudó a los editores a abordar y detectar falsos conceptos sobre los ingresos por lector, reemplazándolos con estrategias y tácticas que resultaron exitosas a poco de arrancar el programa.

Cómo aprovechar los recursos y sacar partido a la “creator economy”: el caso de

22-05-18. En la última sesión del segundo día del LATAM Media Leaders eSummit 2022, de WAN-IFRA, Hernando Paniagua, el director ejecutivo de ha detallado cuál es la estrategia que han seguido para integrar esa “creator economy”.

Vocento: una estrategia de diversificación innovadora

22-05-18. Iñigo Iribarnegaray, director general de Nuevos Negocios de Vocento, ha compartido algunos de los detalles de cómo se ha producido esa ampliación del porfolio. La moderación de la sesión ha corrido a cargo de Paula Barrientos, Managing Partner de InQlab (Colombia). Laboratorio de Periodismo de la Fundación Luca de Tena es media partner del evento.

Del papel a digital: los casos de éxito de Copesa (Chile) y Gazeta do Povo (Brasil)

2022-05-17. En la sesión, titulada Reducir el papel: aprendizajes de dos pioneros que apostaron de lleno por el digital, han participado Alejandro Trujillo, director de Audiencias y Estrategia Digital de Copesa (editora, entre otros medios, de los periódicos La Cuarta y La Tercera), de Chile; y Ewandro Schenkel, director de Gazeta do Povo, de Brasil. La moderación ha corrido a cargo de Andiara Petterle, consultora experta en transformación digital.

WAN-IFRA pide una investigación independiente y transparente sobre el asesinato de Shireen Abu Akleh

2022-05-17. [Declaración oficial] WAN-IFRA exige una investigación independiente sobre el asesinato de la destacada periodista palestino-estadounidense, instando a Israel a cooperar plenamente para que los perpetradores rindan cuentas.

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