Research Reports

A research and laboratory facility (RMTC) was added under WAN-IFRA South Asia Pvt.Ltd with an abjective to conduct studies, provide technical solutions and supports for newspapers, which produced numurous research reports on the interest of the publishers and newspapers, on the topics focusing the demand and needs for newspaper production and newspaper industry.
Some of the topic that covers quality of newspaper, standards for newspapers, benchmarking for the newspaper industry and on the conformance studies of print material on the international standards.

Below are the listed technical research reports that are produced .





Guide to print using 40gsm newsprint

November 2021 – English


Benchmarking Newspaper Production Efficiency 2020 

December 2020 – English


India’s Best Printed Newspapers

April 2020 – English


Extend the life of your Press
May 2019 – English


Implications of Lower grammage newsprint

February 2018 – English


Benchmarking Newspaper production KPI 2017

December 2017 – English


ISO 12647-3: 2013, quality standard for newspaper production

July 2015 – English


Operational Efficiency Benchmarking for the newspapers in India

January 2015 – English


Conformance of Imported and Indian Newsprint to DIN 19306-4

January 2012 – English


Conformance of Indian Newsink to ISO 2846-2

October 2010 – English


Reduction of Colour gamut after printing in a cold-set process

September 2009 – English


Study of newsprint and newsink used in Indian news publishing industries

April 2008 – English

(Benchmarking reports are protected and accessible by project participants only)

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