Becoming a “voice of the voiceless” in Syria

For two years, Syrian media has been nothing short of oppressed. Yet a rise of citizen journalists gives hope to a country struggling to find a voice of the people.

Peter Kuisle left manroland web systems

In a press release dated 28 of March, manroland web systems informs that Peter Kuisle, member of the Executive Board and responsible for Sales, Service, and Marketing leaves the company (effective 31 March, 2013) to “take a new professional challenge”.

Australian startup Newsmodo allows freelancers to name price for their reporting

After more than a decade-long career, Australian broadcast journalist Rakhal Ebeli realized his responsibilities had changed. He was no longer only chasing his own stories but also collecting those of others.

Pay now or forever hold your peace

In this era of paywalls, who will be the last to succumb?

BBC among first to use Storify’s new premium service

UK’s Telegraph and Sun adding paywalls

British newspapers The Telegraph and The Sun announced paywalls this week.

As loophole allows end to some Saturday USPS deliveries, magazines explore alternate options

American publishers are scrambling to establish alternate delivery options with the US Postal Service expected to halt Saturday magazine deliveries, beginning in August. Congress’ vote last Thursday for the organization to continue six-day service left latitude to scale down Saturday operations to exclude first-class mail, direct mail and magazines.

BBC creates database of women experts to challenge male-dominated stereotype

BBC launched a database of women experts and a related YouTube channel last week in an effort to increase female presence on radio and TV.

Burma welcomes a (free) press

Myanmar has given permission to 16 publications to run daily following decades-long censorship, according to AFP.

Digital migration prompts further redundancies at major British newspapers

The Telegraph’s previously-announced layoffs have begun, adding the newspaper to a list of British news organizations calling for voluntary redundancies. As Sunday and weekday operations merge and titles look to become truly 24-hour news operations, editorial staffs are also being slashed at The Guardian, The Independent and Financial Times.