How The New York Times is growing subscription products beyond news

2022-11-29. The New York Times recently announced they added 180,000 digital-only subscribers during the third quarter, and they are on track to reach their goal of 15 million subscribers by 2027.

World’s press concerned for journalist safety as protests continue in China

2022-11-29. Following the assault and detention of a BBC journalist covering protests in Shanghai, journalist safety and the right to report unhindered remain of deep concern.

WAN-IFRA celebrates the champions of the International Color Quality Club 2022-2024

2022-11-22. The International Colour Quality Club Certificate is offered to all companies that have succeeded in producing high-quality newspapers consistently over a long period of time, following international printing standards. Thirty-nine publication titles have been elected in the International Color Quality 2022-2024.

Gauging the impact of your journalism

2022-11-16. How do you know if your newsroom’s work is effective and has real social value? The Quint CEO and World Editors Forum Board member Ritu Kapur, CEO offered some thoughts at the Asian Editors Summit in Singapore.

World’s press condemns harassment of Danish journalists in Qatar, calls on FIFA to guarantee journalist safety

2022-11-16. Journalist interrupted live on air as Qatari security official orders the crew to stop filming, threatening to break equipment.

Photographing Ukraine: “What right does any of us have to tell other people’s stories?”

22-11-15. What right does any of us have to tell other people’s stories? That’s a question British-Swedish photojournalist Anastasia Taylor-Lind often asks herself.

How publishers are combating trust, engagement, social media challenges

2022-11-18. The pandemic has posed many challenges to the news media industry. Panelists at WAN-IFRA’s recent Digital Media Asia conference discussed the issues and opportunities they are seeing now.

Michael Miller: ‘Journalism’s traditional role of unearthing uncomfortable truths is on the rise’

2022-11-14. News Corp Australia has passed the 1 million digital subscribers milestone. Digital subscribers at News Corp Australia as of September 30, 2022, were 1,012,000 compared to 897,000 in the prior year. In this opinion piece, News Corp Australasia’s executive chairman Michael Miller says the achievement reflects Australians’ thirst for trusted journalism. It confirms WAN-IFRA’s recent finding that journalism continues to grow in strength.

Audio, gamification, marketplace: How SPH Media built its product portfolio

2022-11-14. How does the audience come into play when a news organisation builds a product? Matching user needs with product functionality and commercial aspects is no easy task.

¿Cuál es el próximo formato en la lucha de la desinformación?

2022-11-18. “¿Cuál es el próximo formato en la lucha de la desinformación?, ¿Cómo es el fact-checking del futuro? invitaron a los periodistas de investigación que incursionen en esta nueva modalidad de la industria de medios de comunicación.