Author-specific paywalls let publications cash in on journalists’ personal brands

News is no longer anonymous — and readers don’t want it to be. In an era where a Google search can instantly connect you to hundreds of articles on the same topic, all reeling off the same facts, readers want — and will pay for — identifiable voices.

New French daily L’Opinion to launch

Combining the influence of paper and audience of the internet, new French daily paper and news site L’Opinion will be “liberal, pro-business, and pro-European.”

Bangladeshi protesters demand law to hang anti-Islamist bloggers

Unsatisfied with the arrests of four Bangladeshi bloggers last week, hundreds of thousands of Hifazat-e-Islam supporters stormed Dhaka Saturday to call for the deaths of those that defame their religion and its founder online.

Press angry over Obama’s lack of access

American Journalism Review’s Rem Reider is the latest journalist to comment on the Obama administration’s distance from the press.

Offshore Leaks: a triumph for data journalism

The ICIJ’s ground-breaking Offshore Leaks project is a prominent indication of the rising power and influence of data journalism in the media world, and by extension, in the sphere of politics.

TLC – Think Like the Customer!

US-based Strategic Marketing Consultant Peter Lamb offered senior ad sales managers a number of suggestions for upgrading their sales efforts and structure to improve both digital and print revenues during a session at the World Advertising Forum in Bangkok.

Why journalists should care about the next FCC chief

The new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chief in the US could make serious changes to the news industry, as the Columbia Journalism Review reports.

As social networks direct news traffic, startup curates web’s most-shared stories

Today’s front page of The Guardian contained stories about Facebook’s new cell phone, internet privacy and an arrest in Operation Yewtree. But none of those stories was among the newspaper’s top four most-shared this morning. What did make the list? A blog about the discovery of paw prints on a medieval Italian manuscript.

Crowdfunded, ad-free Dutch “context news” site raises €1 million in 8 days

Soon-to-be launched Dutch news site De Correspondent shocked its own founders after raising more than €1 million from advance subscribers in eight days — and 13 fundraising days still remain.

Mediapart continues to hold politicians to account in the wake of its 5th anniversary

French online investigative newspaper, Mediapart, has supplied yet another example of journalism keeping politicians in check, an undertaking which risks becoming more difficult in the UK given the government’s recent proposal for press regulation.