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As a decision-maker, you are confronted with enormous challenges. WAN-IFRA brings together the community of CEO, COO and media leadership in intimate private groups, where you can exchange ideas and share learnings with your peers. Being smart is knowing how to compute, but being wise is knowing when and where computation adds value. WAN-IFRA helps decision-makers to make the transition from smart to wise.

Membership gives you

  • 10 trend and topical reports every year.
  • 16 world-class conferences well known for their deep learnings.
  • Access to over 400 conference presentations yearly.
  • Access to private briefings with our in-house topic experts.
  • Webinars on topical issues.
  • Daily Executive newsletter, ENS.
  • 5 Topical newsletters with member exclusive content.
  • Best practices from our awards programme for digital and print.

Join our initiatives that you are passionate about

Benefit from our sustainability and transformation projects

  • Table Stakes, the deep audience-led transformation project in Europe.
  • Newsroom and business transformation accelerators around the world.
  • Network of media labs to spur innovation.



The role of the Editor is evolving rapidly. Besides being responsible for leading the newsroom and its journalistic output, today’s Editor must navigate the fast-changing news ecosystem, support new business models and revenue generation, mentor the younger cohort of journalists and manage the tensions on the editorial floor. It can be challenging, but through the World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA’s dedicated community, you have access to a trusted support network and the collective wisdom of editors.

Membership gives you

  • Access to a global network of committed editors from over 120 countries.
  • A voice in the conversation about the future of journalism, newsroom transformation and press freedom.
  • Trends in Newsrooms reports of emerging newsroom practices, free.
  • Downloads of all topical research.
  • An invitation to join our editor’s research panel.
  • Access to blogs and social networks connecting you to your peers.
  • The World Editors Forum fortnightly newsletter.
  • The daily Executive News Service list of industry headlines.
  • 25% off annual editorial conferences, including the International Newsroom Summit and the World Editors Summit.
  • Member discounts for our Leadership Summits and Digital Media conferences.
  • Summaries from the World Editors Summit and Newsroom Summit.
  • Access to over 400 conference presentations yearly.
  • 25% discount on study tours to some of the world’s leading newsrooms.
  • Invitations to confidential briefings.
  • Webinars on topical issues.
  • Best practices case studies from our digital and print awards.

Join initiatives that you  are passionate about

  • Support our work to promote and defend press freedom.
  • Drive diversity and inclusion with our sector-leading Women In News programme.
  • Promote newsroom excellence through our global awards program.
  • Protect your journalists with our educative security management.

Benefit from our transformative projects

  • Newsroom transformation programmes in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.
  • Science in Newsroom program to strengthen your health reporting and climate change coverage.
  • Groom your next generation of editors through our “Young Media Leaders” programmes.



WAN-IFRA leads the discussion on digital revenue strategies, in workshops, study tours, executive programmes and in individual discussions with members. Our focus is on winning loyal readers and brand lovers. The keys to this are engaged audiences focused newsrooms with professional UX, sophisticated marketing, defined onboarding processes, retention strategy, joint goals and KPIs, clear pricing. Meanwhile, we are leading the discussion on new advertising models, brand safety, context and national ad alliances in a post-cookie world.

Membership gives you

  • Contact our expert DRN team and regional directors for guidance and relevant connections.
  • Receive our Reader Revenue fortnightly newsletter.
  • Access regular reports on paid content strategies and best practices.
  • Join member-only webinars and roundtables on digital revenue topics.
  • Access to a global network of digital revenue professionals in publishing houses with similar challenges.
  • Exclusive access to recorded case studies on digital readers and advertising revenues from all of our events around the world.
  • Receive up to 25% off our highly regarded «Digital Media» conferences around the world.
  • Apply to participate in Table Stakes Europe, our challenge-based change programme for regional (and national) news media looking to build a sustainable digital business.
  • Join our topic-specific communities of practice, including the “Data Science Expert Group“, the first professional forum of its kind to facilitate knowledge sharing and experience feedback between data scientists, data analysts, and their leadership team, “Innovate Local“, our global programme for local media professionals, and “AI Unlocked” for all news media publishers interested in AI and its impact on their organisation.

Our Digital Revenue Network is focused on

  • Subscription Marketing, including customer journey, retention, product and pricing.
  • Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content.
  • Premium advertising from branded content to advertising alliances.



The news media business has changed from a single printed product to a larger portfolio spanning multiple devices and digital platforms. This requires the Chief Technology Officers to keep up to date on the rapid technological developments and for the Chief Product Officers to bring coherence to the portfolio while keeping an eye on changing customer preferences. The use of data analytic and artificial intelligence tools or augmented platforms tools is becoming mission-critical. WAN-IFRA helps you to monitor these rapid changes while facilitating sharing and learnings from your peers.

Membership gives you

  • Access to the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI), a global resource centre for news media to embrace transformation, drive innovation, maximise success, and quickly advance the best talents and innovations to the market. 
  • The GAMI newsletter to learn what’s around the corner and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Trusted connection to our global community of tech entrepreneurs, research labs and media businesses.
  • Get to know what applied research and innovation efforts are in the works with potential value to the news media industry.
  • Get involved with the next generation of media tech entrepreneurs and startups to discover
  • Join our regular Media Lab days for inspiring and disruptive talks and pitches about the future of news.
  • Experiment with innovation in your culture and organisation: participate in our funded applied research projects.
  • Promote your young talents through exchange and coaching programmes
  • Increase your tech transfer strategy by reaching out to WAN-IFRA’s unique global community of CTOs through our publications and professional events.
  • Move beyond the comfort zone and focus on impact, not solution.
  • Discover and map your next generations of technology partners and solution on the WIZONE online marketplace.



Print products are a significant part of the media mix. The World Printers Forum, the community of printing professionals is the only one of its kind in the world, that allows you to explore new businesses, monitor changes, bring innovation to the production process and ensure that the print runway is extended to the maximum.

Membership gives you

  • Access to the World Printers Forum, the global community of print and production executives.
  • The World Printers Forum’s fortnightly newsletter.
  • Free access to regular reports on “printing trends” and “best practices.”
  • Daily Executive News Service email which links to industry headlines.
  • Confidential briefings.
  • Up to 25% off our annual World Printers Summit conference and its Indian editions.
  • Webinars on topical issues identified by the World Printers Forum.
  • The “Print Innovation” awards to learn from the winners’ best practices.

The World Printers Forum focuses on

  • New business models and operation excellence.
  • Sustainability of print media.
  • Optimisation and automation of processes.
  • Insights on production techniques. Knowledge and cooperation, networking capacities.
  • Standardisation of processes and materials.
  • Research and innovation.
  • Ensuring customer success.
  • Development and retraining of employees.




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