WAN-IFRA newspaper color (icc) profile

Why  WAN-IFRA colour profile (icc)?

  • The main reason of this icc color profile is to include the latest specifications of ISO 12647-3 that had been released in December 2013.
  • This profile used by several newspaper and advertisers.
  • Profile was created and fine tuned based on 1000s of measured data by the publishers across the globe.
  • Technically up-to-date profile in terms of data format and detail quality, as it should be future proof for the next 10 years or so. .


  • Increased colourisation and Lightness correction.
  • Better details and modulation.
  • Maximum GCR for newspaper.
  • Easy to adopt and install for any standard newspaper process.
  • A seperate profile color & b/w pages handling.

Where to install the profile:

  1. Download the profile using the link in the download section below.
  2. Install the icc profile to PC that will be shown in photoshop or adobe softwares.
  3. This can also be used in color managemnt workflow and across the systems thats been part of the color maanagment process.


Profiles specifications

  • Software: X-rite i1Profiler, Version 1.5.6
  • Platform: Apple
  • ICC Profile Version 2, to avoid compatibility conflicts with older RIP versions
  • Long black (K) with early start at 1%
  • Maximum black (K) at CMYK: 100%
  • Profile Class: Output
  • Color space: CMYK
  • PCS: Lab
  • Setting: Best Quality
  • ISO adoption : ISO 12647-3 : 2013
  • Maximum Total Ink Coverage (TIC) CMYK:(3 different profiles):
      • TIC220%
      • TIC200% 
      • TIC180%
  • Color space: CMYK

Note: These profiles are meant for newspaper process only, WAN-IFRA is not be resposible for any color mismatch and quality issues due to wrong implementaions.

Need help in implementation?

WAN-IFRA offers online/offline hands on training for color managment and profile implementaion for ad-agency and publishers.

Email us : infoindia@wan-ifra.org          (or)          Send Request



Downloading of the standard profile is free of charge and without restriction. Download the Profiles HERE