WAN-IFRA Certification









WAN-IFRA has carried out quality certification ISO 12647-3 since 2005. The performed quality analysis is primarily based on worldwide accepted standards for newspaper production.

Newspaper printing companies can use this certification to guarantee their customers that they print high quality consistently and in accordance with the relevant international standards in the newspaper industry. The Certification assures the readers and advertisers that the printed newspaper has been produced by the best possible technical processes.

The objective of the certification is to optimise the reproduction processes at the prepress and press of a newspaper printing company. To obtain the certification, the printer has prove that they can print consistently high quality over a period of 6 months. In addition to the printing tests, an on-site audit is carried out by a WAN-IFRA consultant to check the quality assurance mechanism.

It is possible to obtain certification for all 3 technical categories.
Category 1: Cold-set offset on newsprint
Category 2: heatset-offset (or UV) on newsprint
Category 3: heatset-offset (or UV) on SC or LWC paper

Each Publication / print site that completes a successful certification will earn two star towards getting intoElite star Club . A certification is valid for two years, after which it can be renewed, every renewal of certification also earns two stars. This will take you two steps closer to get into the WAN-IFRA’s prestigious Elite star Club and Millennium Club .