15 August 2022 - 30 September 2022
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South Asian Digital Media Awards 2022

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Best News Website or Mobile Service
This category for general news includes mobile web and apps, as well as desktop. Entries must demonstrate combined excellence in content and UX, as well as value to readers and advertisers. Innovative design, the use of multimedia (such as audio, video, infographics, photography, etc) to better tell the story, speed of access and the service’s overall contribution to revenue goals will also be taken into consideration.


Best Use of Online Video
Entries should demonstrate an ability to relate a story in a concise and objective way and improve the reader experience and engagement with the news brand. There should be consideration of the appropriate video format for specific platforms (e.g. Facebook vs YouTube). The technical quality of the shooting and realisation as well as the possible emotional and aesthetic impact of the video will also be taken into consideration.


Best Newsletter
This category is open to companies that have successfully included newsletters as a part of their editorial offering. The newsletter should have carefully tailored content serving a specific purpose, a user-friendly interaction, coherent design, an original editorial angle and format, and measurable audience results in terms of growth and engagement.


Best Data Visualization
Entries should demonstrate excellence in design, usefulness and clarity of information conveyed, in the context of (for example) breaking news, information, entertainment or data-driven visual storytelling. Special attention will be paid to creativity and visual impact, as well as the effectiveness on mobile devices.


Best Reader Revenue Initiative
Best new or updated reader revenue initiative or project (e.g. via subscription, membership, crowdfunding or other). Entries should demonstrate real results and metrics, understanding of brand strengths, clarity for the reader or customer, and an effective call to action. Entries should provide evidence of solid conversion and/or retention results.


Best in Audience Engagement
Entries should demonstrate an original offering that measurably grows user engagement, and actively reflects the voice and tone of the news brand. Entries should provide evidence of an audience spending more time with the brand’s content, or converting from social platforms to own platforms.


Best Podcast / Digital Audio Project*
This category looks for innovative initiatives to tell the news through different audio formats: podcasts, audio notes, audio notifications or settings in smart devices or virtual assistants with AI technology (for instance, Alexa for Amazon), among others. Entries must demonstrate mastery of the chosen format(s), strong quality of execution, an added value to the listeners, and a measurable loyal audience.


Best Brand Marketing Campaign (for News Brands)*
This category recognises outstanding digital marketing campaigns by news publishers of their own news brands. Entries should have clear messaging, an effective social strategy, strong brand voice, efficient targeting and measurably grow user engagement.


Best Special Project for COVID19*
This category is open to publishers who have come up with special products or new sections addressing information needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Entries should demonstrate how information gaps in society were addressed, innovative use of resources and smart planning to quickly meet the challenges posed by the crisis.


Best Branded/Sponsored Content Campaign*
Entries should demonstrate added value to readers/users via excellence in content marketing across multiple platforms. Entries will be measured on creativity, effective use of each media platform, brand voice and providing the best user experience in a post-ad blocking media environment.


Champion Publisher of the Year*
This award recognizes the overall champion of the South Asian Digital Media Awards. Each winner’s score is counted on the basis of number of gold, silver and bronze awards they won. The publisher with the highest total score receives the ‘Champion Publisher of the Year’ award.


*Regional Categories.


Suresh Babu Rajendran

Asst. Manager - Business Development



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