The World Association of News Publishers is the global organisation of the world’s press

The membership of media companies, media technology vendors, and service providers in WAN-IFRA is fundamentally rooted in an aspiration to share knowledge, learn about best practices, and tap into the network’s collective intelligence to solve problems, innovate and prosper in a digital world and support news media professionals to perform their crucial role in society.

Membership in WAN-IFRA is a voluntary act. We place no limits on membership other than the agreement to abide by the fundamental principles enshrined in the WAN-IFRA Constitution.

Join us to participate in:


Establish and cultivate valuable relationships within the industry:

  • Attend world-class global, regional and local industry events and conferences
  • Participate in member-exclusive programmes for innovative sustainable growth and business transformation
  • Access diverse communities, each with its own agenda and programmes to address industry-specific challenges


Experience cutting-edge innovation for sustainable business models, and engage with leaders on the future of news and publishing:

  • To navigate the digital revolution, members are provided with access to exclusive industry reports, World Press trends, daily news accompanied with analysis, global statistics and access to blogs, articles and interviews with key influencers in the industry


In engaging with the brightest minds in the industry globally, members have the opportunity to “crack the code” and differentiate themselves in a changing and competitive industry. 


Protecting the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media.


WAN-IFRA’s value proposition includes:


Exclusive product offerings for 

  • CEO’s and COOs
  • Editors and Journalists
  • Heads of Business and Revenue
  • Product and Technology Officers as well as 
  • Print and Production Executives

Our solutions encompass the entire value chain from content creation to business strategy, product development and innovation, leading ultimately to revenue generation.


Globally we apply a dual approach to supporting media freedom: It addresses political and structural constraints to media freedom through advocacy, and applies development actions to build capacity of media actors in fragile states and emerging markets.


  • In collaboration with the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO we promote media sustainability and raise awareness of the challenges facing independent media.
  • Furthermore, WAN-IFRA unites more than 50 national media associations across the world to collaborate on matters of common interest. 


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