Our mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media. We provide our members with expertise and services to innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform their crucial role in society.

WAN-IFRA, the World Association of News Publishers, is the global trade organisation for the news publishing industry. WAN-IFRA is also, and primarily an association of and for its members.

WAN-IFRA represents nearly 60 national publishers’ associations from around the world representing more than 15.000 newspapers and 18.000 news websites.

Over 3,000 companies hold a company membership with our organisation which gives direct access to all benefits, services and information WAN-IFRA has to offer. Among these companies, you will find not only media houses, news agencies, educational institutions and other industry organisations, but also technology and service providers to the industry.

The company membership enables not just the company itself, but every single employee to benefit of WAN-IFRA’s wide range of services and those specifically assisting them with their job.




WAN-IFRA is the largest trade organisation for news publishers and a leading provider of real-time business and strategic intelligence services to news publishers and their technology partners around the globe. WAN-IFRA brings you a healthy perspective on the many collective challenges facing the news media. We drive the global conversation on the future of independent news publishing in three focus areas that impact the news ecosystem worldwide:

PRESS FREEDOM AND JOURNALISM We protect the rights of journalists and publishers to operate free media and promote editorial quality and professional practice.

MEDIA SUSTAINABILITY We provide our members at all stages of development with innovative and professional services to help their businesses prosper.

MEDIA INNOVATION We provide our members with new ideas and applied research by bringing the outside in and looking beyond what is already known.

We do this through our publications and reports; our series of global and local events and forums where we facilitate easy peer-to-peer connections to share and learn from best practices; our advisory services and applied research programmes; our campaigns to advocate for press freedom; and our media development programmes supporting news professionals under threat or operating in fragile states.

As a member of WAN-IFRA, you will be right in the heart of the action by participating in Committees and Working Groups, receiving up to 50% discount on exclusive events, conferences, study tours, training courses and consulting services, with online access 24/7 to member services and an inclusive subscription to our special reports and business and technology news services.

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1. INVIGORATE your personal profile and cultivate a rich professional network that will help you and your business grow.

WAN-IFRA is at the forefront of cutting edge innovations that can benefit news media around the world. Our network of specialist consultants and executive programmes help WAN-IFRA members in their transformation processes. They ensure that the press remains sustainable and independent, through robust business models and constant innovation.

Our Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) ensures that key industry innovations and talents are identified, developed, analysed, shared and publicized within our membership first. An incubator for applied research, GAMI helps to advance the best innovations and talents to the market. Among other individual services to its affiliates, GAMI supports and coordinates Research and Innovation for publishers. It identifies funding opportunities by monitoring the market to keep WAN-IFRA’s members updated and provides them with news, alerts, workshops. It helps WAN-IFRA’s members to plan and scope their projects and introduces them to potential partners. It facilitates applications to call for R&I, and disseminates call for expression of interests on behalf of members.


2. KEEP AN EDGE with the most critical business news and strategic market trends.

Members receive exclusive WAN-IFRA industry reportsblogsWorld Press Trends database, and daily news services with analyses, global statistics, trends, interviews and articles from industry’s key influencers. You can also gain further industry insight by engaging with our technical, regional or thematic committees. WAN-IFRA remains committed to editorial integrity, particularly in the age of digital transformation. Through its World Editors Forum, WAN-IFRA provides the leading network for print and digital editors of newspapers and news organizations around the world, and insights on all aspects of journalism.


3. ADD YOUR VOICE by joining our campaigns in support of your rights, freedom of information and quality journalism.

We are, along with our members, passionate about the future of news. We promote press freedomethical journalismnews literacy and editorial integrity. Equally, we are mindful of the issues affecting the news industry as we navigate this digital revolution – for example – issues around online copyright, internet regulation, and the right to be forgotten. That’s why WAN-IFRA has formal associate status to represent the newspaper industry at UNESCO, and consultative status at the United Nations and the Council of Europe. We also work closely with the 80 national newspaper associations within our membership.


4. CRACK THE CODE by learning from the brightest minds at local, regional and world events

WAN-IFRA’s global member network is central to our organisation. Members receive more opportunities to get the latest information and network with the brightest minds at local, regional and world events, including the World News Media Congress, The World Media Leaders eSummit, or the World Printers Summit.


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