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Who We Are

The World Association of News Publishers, or WAN-IFRA, is the global organisation of the world’s press. Our mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media. We provide our members with expertise and services to innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform their crucial role in society.


WAN-IFRA derives its authority from its global network of 3,000 news publishing companies and technology entrepreneurs, and its legitimacy from its 60 member publisher associations representing 18,000 publications in 120 countries.


Since its foundation in 1948, WAN-IFRA has always been committed to fostering international business cooperation among publishers; sharing best practices in both business and technology; working as a representative trade body to elaborate and advance quality standards in the production workflow and business value chain; and engage with public authorities, institutions, and other trade bodies to promote press freedom and advocate for the independence of news media organisations.



WAN-IFRA serves as a knowledge hub and a leading global resource for Media Leaders, Editors and Journalists, Digital revenue Managers, Product and Technology Officers, Printing and Production Executives, News Publisher Association Directors, Media-Tech Entrepreneurs and Service Providers with three focus areas: Press Freedom and Journalism, Media Sustainability, and Media Innovation. Every year, 9,000 executives working in 3,500 news organisations, technology enterprises and trade bodies use WAN-IFRA services.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our mission is to protect the rights of journalists and publishers around the world to operate independent media. We provide our members with expertise and services to innovate and prosper in a digital world and perform their crucial role in society.


Our vision is to be the trusted global partner for news media at the forefront of press freedom, quality journalism, innovative and sustainable business and technology models.

Our Values

Everything we do is because we believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental right and a touchstone for all our freedoms. And press freedom, enhanced by solid independent news publishing companies, is one of its fundamental pillars.

Driven by members, publishers, associations and technology suppliers, we believe in solidarity in action and community commitment, and we draw on the collective pool of strengths and skills to the benefit of each member of our community.

We are passionate about the future of news, through the promotion of a free press, quality journalism, editorial integrity and adoption of these values by new generations,

We believe that business sustainability is the best guarantee for publishers to remain independent and contribute to freedom of expression in open societies.

We are solution-driven, delivering services where members can find answers to their challenges.

We have the ability to deal with uncertainty. We are proactive and a driver of new business models, with a holistic point of view and a sense of urgency.

We are committed to curiosity, open innovation and networking, sharing professional knowledge inside and outside the organisation.  We champion diversity and promote integrity in all we do.

Read More about our human rights mandate.

Our Focus Areas


WAN-IFRA is the world’s largest trade organisation for news publishers and a leading provider of real-time business and strategic intelligence services to news publishers and their technology partners around the globe. WAN-IFRA brings you a healthy perspective on the many collective challenges facing our industry. We drive the global conversation on the future of independent news publishing in three focus areas that impact the news ecosystem worldwide:


PRESS FREEDOM AND JOURNALISM. We protect the rights of journalists and publishers to operate a free media, and promote editorial quality and professional practice.


MEDIA SUSTAINABILITY. We provide our members at all stages of development with innovative and professional services to help their businesses prosper.


MEDIA INNOVATION. We provide our members with new ideas and applied research by bringing the outside in, looking beyond what is already known.

What We Do


The exponential growth and adoption of consumer technologies drives new news media consumption patterns and forces publishers to react and adjust their businesses rapidly. WAN-IFRA supports this transformation by delivering four main services:


Innovation and business development. With dedicated platforms and marketplaces like the Global Alliance for Media Innovation, or our advisory services and training programmes to individual company members;



News and Insights with strategic, and market insights with print and online publications, special reports, white papers, and online targeted resources.



Networking Weave with business peers around the world, learn from success and failures, share business strategies, and connect emerging themes and insights. You will harvest ways to better perform, and speed up your decision-making.


Advocacy on major global media policy issues that impact the independence of the press. We promote common principles and important values that contribute to an inclusive, multi-stakeholder, effective, legitimate, and evolving global Internet governance framework.


Who We Serve



WAN-IFRA represents and serves 18,000 publications and over 3,000 companies and institutions, individual publishing companies, technical suppliers, service providers, national publishers associations, education and research institutions in more than 120 countries.


Every year, we engage with more than 9,000 individual executives who attend more than 50 annual events, workshops, training sessions, webinars in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific.


We serve an active, engaged, rapidly growing group of highly educated and affluent media executives, innovators, thought leaders, and early adopters:


Editors, Journalists, and Press Freedom Champions
WAN-IFRA’s World Editors Forum is the leading network for print and digital editors around the world. It is built on a commitment to defend press freedom and promote editorial excellence. WAN-IFRA believes that increasing media freedom directly strengthens democracy and human rights and is a foundation of societal development, be it economic, cultural or political. This has been a guiding principle of the organization for seven decades. WAN-IFRA applies a dual approach to supporting media freedom: It addresses political and structural constraints to media freedom through advocacy, and applies development to strengthen the capacity and networks of the media and their representative institutions.


Digital Revenue Managers
WAN-IFRA has been at the heart of the digital revenue discussion and our Digital Revenue Network is focused on the following topics: Subscription Marketing including customer journey, retention, product and pricing; Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content; Premium advertising from branded content to ad alliances.


Innovation Officers, Technology Entrepreneurs
WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) works around the world with publishers, chief innovation officers, chief digital officers, technology entrepreneurs, executives from innovation centres and technology clusters. GAMI’s affiliate members include publishers’ media labs and research centres from across the globe. We connect and work with 9 international academic institutions and innovation clusters affiliated to the Global Alliance for Media Innovation.


Production and Technology Managers
WAN-IFRA is a long-standing trusted partner for technology officers, engineers, plant managers, software and hardware developers in the newspaper industry. Its World Printers Forum proudly perpetuates its leading role to address bottlenecks in the production workflow and contributes to the constant improvement of quality and technical sustainability. Among many other initiatives, the World Printers Forum sponsors the world-famous International Color Quality Club.


Media Policy Officers, Legal Counsels
Because technical challenges are increasingly becoming political challenges, WAN-IFRA’s Global Media Policy Forum brings together legal affairs officers, public counsels, representatives of trade bodies and institutions. The Forum derives its authority from WAN-IFRA’s Committee of Association Directors representing 80 national trade associations around the globe.


WAN-IFRA’s Legacy

The values that inspire us


WAN alongside IFRA

WAN (then FIEJ) was founded in uncertain times. At the end of the Second World War, the newspaper industries of the belligerent nations lay, in some cases, in ruins, in other cases deprived of the means to re-establish their independence and economic viability. The founders of FIEJ set out with the triple objective of seeking international commitments and guarantees to safeguard freedom of expression, of ensuring the renewed availability of the means of newspaper production, and of creating a new dialogue and exchange of information and ideas between representatives of the newspaper community world-wide.

IFRA (then INCA) was established in 1961 to uphold newspaper printing technology at its high level and to promote further development to the greatest possible extent through the mutual exchange of experience and jointly financed research projects. INCA’s founders aspired to create an association where prevails “a frankness, honesty and earnest desire for progress and co-operation, where technical and commercial experiences are freely exchanged and where feelings and consideration of competition are forgotten.”

In 2009, the two associations merged to create WAN-IFRA, the World Association of News Publishers. Read more.


We owe to Claude Bellanger what brings us together today (2018)

WAN-IFRA was born in 1948. It was then called FIEJ (Fédération Internationale des Éditeurs de Journaux, the International Federation of Newspaper Publishers). Seventy years separate us from its founding Congress, which was then meeting in Paris. This is probably an eternity for most of you, for me, though I was not yet born, it seems like yesterday. For all those who collaborate with WAN-IFRA, a strong bond, an immutable value brings us closer to these first years of FIEJ: Solidarity in action at the service of a free, sustainable, and innovative press, confident in the future. Read more


The past thirty years 1948-1978 by Claude Bellanger (FIEJ Bulletin, 1978)

1978 marked the  30th  anniversary of the FIEJ (Federation Internationale des Editeurs de Journaux). One man, Claude Bellanger, has had an outstanding influence on the whole history of the FIEJ: he is one of the founders and assumed the functions of general secretary from its creation in 1948, then of president from  1962 up to  1978.  This very year,  at the congress in The Hague, Claude Bellanger gave up the presidency of the FIEJ, which he had intimated during the  Executive Committee meeting at  Tours, Montbazon (France) in 1977.   lt was in a conversational mood that he recalled before the FIEJ assistant pell-mell memories arising from his activities within the organisation during the period  1948 to  1978,  speaking about men,  facts and events from the thread of his memory. Read more


The first three decades of FIEJ (Michel L. de St-Pierre, 1978)

To mark the Jubilee of the FIEJ, Michel L. de St-Pierre, then Secretary-General of the association, reminded the delegates at the 30th Congress in the Hague, about the remarkable milestones achieved during the first three decades of FIEJ. This evocation of this past era should not sound outdated to modern readers. It rather reflects eloquently, and purposefully, what is still core to WAN-IFRA: a mission to protect the rights of journalists across the world to operate free media and provide its members with professional services to help their business prosper and perform their crucial role in open societies. Read More


The aims and functions of INCA (Newspaper Production Journal, 1961)

On 28 September 1956 the European Rotogravure Association, in short ERA, was established by 10 European gravure printers. Its aim was to uphold gravure technology at its high level and to promote further development to the greatest possible extent through the mutual exchange of experience and jointly financed research projects on the pattern of the North American Gravure Technical Association (GTA) and the Gravure Research Institute (GRI). As of 1958, the Chairman of ERA was Dr Walter Matuschke, the Technical Director of the Axel Springer Verlag publishing house in Hamburg. The very forward-looking concept of an international exchange of experience and joint research had already proved so successful and promising in the first five years of ERAs existence, that Dr Matuschke began to look for ways and means of setting up a similar organisation for newspaper printing. He invited James R. Spencer of The Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, England, Maurice Brébart of Dernière Heure in Brussels, Belgium, and Eske Christensen of Berlingske Tidende in Copenhagen, Denmark, to meet him in Hamburg for a discussion on 24 January 1961. In the course of this meeting, he expÌained to them how fruitful the collaboration of the publishing houses in ERA had proved to be and that he intended to set up a similar international organisation for newspaper printing in colour, for which he had already found a name, the International Newspaper Colour Association, abbreviated to INCA. The circle was to be kept small, as this was the only way that an intensive exchange of experience could take pÌace. Read more

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