World Press Trends

World Press Trends, the primary and most authoritative source of data on the newspaper industry worldwide, published annually since 1989, is available in an interactive format: the World Press Trends Database.

This searchable tool is saves you time searching for data and figures on the global newspaper industry: circulation, readership, revenue, advertising expenditure, digital usage, data for top selling titles in each country and much more.

The database allows you to follow trends from 2006-2017. It includes the most quoted summary tables previously found in the print and digital editions of World Press Trends, and in addition allows users to produce their own, customized reports, which can be exported to PDF or to Excel format.

Below are links to download two examples of how country reports created by the database will appear when exported.

Sample country report download : Germany (PDF)

Sample country report download: Italy (PDF)

Single user access, or IP site access for all your employees are offered.