Digital Revenue Network

The time for monetising fly-bys is over. Loyal readers, brand lovers, registered users, and paying subscribers are at the heart of a successful digital revenue strategy.

The newsroom is now the primary value driver of digital value.
As we say in our Table Stakes Europe programme, “digital first, print later and better”.

Besides the newsroom, a successful digital news business needs professional UX, sophisticated marketing, defined on-boarding processes, retention strategy, joint goals and KPIs, clear pricing and a host of other capabilities.

Core Topics

Subscription Marketing including customer journey, retention, product and pricing

Editorial strategies for engaging, high-performing, premium content

Premium advertising from branded content to ad alliances

How we support our Members


The Data Science Expert Group is an international ​community of practice ​​for news media professionals working in data science, data analytics and data engineering. ​Members interact and learn together regularly​ ​with a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems.​ Our goal is to arm practitioners with powerful journalism analytics built around newsroom priorities to grow audiences, deepen engagement and drive subscriptions.

In Africa

Digital Media Africa is the continent’s leading conference on revenue topics, helping grow the nascent paid content market, explore new digital revenue opportunities and deal with important issues of trust and journalist safety, together with our Women in News programme.

In Asia

GNI APAC Subscriptions Lab – a four month intensive programme to designed to accelerate their journeys in building lighthouse examples of subscription success in the region.

In Europe

Table Stakes Europe – A newsroom-centric 12 month long performance based change programme driving subscription growth by pivoting to an audienceS-first approach, made possible by the Google News Initiative Digital Growth Programme. See the report on the first round.

100KClub – an expert led programme for advanced digital subs players with more than 100k pure digital subscribers. Renamed from the eRev programme, we have more than a decade of experience and more than 20 private reports published to date for publisher members focused on optimising reader revenue.

Newsroom Summit – long running conference for editors with a direct responsibility for delivering value to online subscribers. From the content that sells, to the changing roles in the newsroom.

In Latin America

Cultural Change Ignition Program for Latin American News Publishers supported by the Facebook Journalism Project and with the goal of  helping selected executives update their digital and management skills as they guide their companies into the future.


Tap into our knowledge

As members you can reach out directly to arrange a discussion with our in-house topic specialist Valérie Arnould. Maybe you need a readiness check on a new product or offer? Or you’re looking for a  relevant case study? Just send us an email!


Our Advisory Team

Valérie Arnould, Deputy Director, Digital Revenue Network

After a decade working as a journalist covering the media industry (press, radio, TV and advertising), Valérie joined WAN-IFRA in 1997 as editor-in-chief of the French magazine, then deputy editor-in-chief for all languages, while also working on research projects (e.g. Alternative revenue streams for publishers in 2016; Paid digital content: the journey begins in 2013), executive programmes (Media Management Accelerator e-learning platform, eRev), digital media conference programming (our Digital Media Europe series, the World News Media Congress) and consultancy projects. She is currently Deputy Director of WAN-IFRA’s Digital revenue network unit. Valérie holds a master’s degree from IFP, University Paris II and a master’s degree in Political Science, Paris II.

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