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Table Stakes Europe

The Table Stakes programme is designed to accelerate the transition of journalism from print to digital, to help newsrooms change their practices, reach new audiences and better engage their communities. Since 2019, a total of 57 news publishers have participated in Table Stakes Europe, structured around 7 core principles for digital sustainability, and above all, audienceS first. Read on for the stories of some of those teams.


We’ve assigned all the case studies from Table Stakes Europe to specific topics. As we add more content and case studies, we’ll expand the range of Topics and sub-topics!

Recent case studies

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Targeting specific audiences helps Blick engage new and existing readers

2023-04-25. “We want to create emotional touchpoints that not only strengthen the loyalty of our existing readers to our brand but also engage with new audiences who have not yet experienced our platform, allowing them to form a positive first impression through one of our verticals,” says Bettina Widmer, of Switzerland’s Blick Group.


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Tribune de Genève gets cross-border commuters on board

During its participation in the Table Stakes Europe programme, the Tribune de Genève team identified several audiences they could better target. One of these is very specific to its geographical area, namely cross-border commuters, a large group of Swiss and French people who live and work between Geneva and neighbouring France.


estimated reading time 7 minutes

Six steps that helped NWT gain younger readers and increase reader revenue

An ageing subscriber base in print. A weak flow of new young paying digital readers. And no real focus on how to tackle the problem. That was the situation for NWT, a regional Swedish news outlet, in October 2021. One year later – a total change. This is how NWT succeeded in reaching young audiences and increasing revenue from that target group, and what six steps it took to build a better and younger future.


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La Voix du Nord converts and retains amateur football fans

Editorial coverage of amateur football is of interest to those who play it as well as their families, friends and sponsors: people who are loyal to their local teams in their victories and defeats. These engaged communities represent a significant potential for a regional daily newspaper. La Voix du Nord has long been aware of their importance and, since the end of 2021, has been saying it loud and clear to fans.