Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence

2023-09-06. Addressing critical dimensions relating to intellectual property, transparency, accountability, quality and integrity, fairness, safety, design, and sustainable development, the Global Principles on AI mark an unprecedented collaboration that safeguards the interests of content creators, publishers, and consumers alike.

Data champions in the newsroom

2023-07-28. Data is increasingly playing a critical role in nearly all aspects of today’s newsrooms. Small, medium and large news publishers alike are harnessing data in a multitude of ways to their advantages. This report presents nine, in-depth, very different global case studies of just that.

CONOCER MEJOR LAS AUDIENCIAS el gran desafío de los medios digitales

2023-07-27. Con el objetivo de aportar conocimientos para lograr un crecimiento digital y aportar nuevas herramientas al ecosistema de medios, WAN-IFRA, con el apoyo de Google News Initiative (GNI), creó el Bootcamp de Audiencias. Durante este programa se realizaron una serie de capacitaciones y mentorías personalizadas orientadas a acompañar a medios de Hispanoamérica.

Innovation in News Media World Report 2023-24

2023-06-30. Now is the time for news publishers to consider the threats and opportunities represented by Generative AI, “the most transformative innovation that we all face, perhaps in our history”. Here are insights from the latest Innovation in News Media World Report, an annual survey by INNOVATION Media Consulting Group for WAN-IFRA.

Gauging Generative AI’s Impact in Newsrooms

2023-05-24. WAN-IFRA and Germany-based SCHICKLER Consutling Group conducted a global survey of newsroom executives to examine how they are using Generative AI tools – or not. The results, our analysis and report reveal an industry ready to plow forward with experimentation, aware of the tools’ potential, while at the same well aware of the challenges and concerns involved.

WAN-IFRA Technology Directory 2023

2023-03-27. For publishing executives searching for the right solutions and tools to help their news organisations thrive, WAN-IFRA’s Technology Directory provides an in-depth listing and description of some of the leading providers of technology to the news industry.

Report: World Press Trends Outlook 2022-2023

2023-03-09. The latest World Press Trends report shows that business sentiment in the industry has taken a downturn, in a context where multiple challenges face news publishers around the world. Yet there are causes for optimism, as revenue diversification progresses and publishers double down on new revenue sources and editorial products.

New Guide: Journalism in the Age of Pandemics 2.0

2023-02-15. Just out: our new newsroom guide has expert advice on navigating disinformation, advanced storytelling techniques and solutions journalism. It also features useful checklists produced by journalists who took part in the Temasek Foundation WAN-IFRA Journalism Programme.

Building and engaging specific audiences – Report on the latest round of Table Stakes Europe

2023-02-01. The report features 15 case studies from the Table Stakes Europe programme. The companies’ stories illustrate a range of strategies and methods that news publishers can use when targeting specific audiences.

Reader Revenue Review of 2022

2023-01-19. As publishers around the world continue to turn to reader revenue as a foundational source of sustainable revenue and a core part of their editorial strategy, it is crucial to surface best-practice from around the world. And that is what this report is all about.