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February 2024

Organic Search Traffic Decline: Strategies for News Publishers

Automatisches Print-Layout: General-Anzeiger Bonn setzt auf KI-Lösung InterRed

Are Personalised News Aggregators Enhancing Our World or Echoing Our Biases?

Czech News Center (CNC) elevates print quality with Q.I. Press Controls’ colour register upgrade

Czech News Center (CNC) steigert Druckqualität mit Farbregister-Upgrade von Q.I. Press Controls

Planning to live blog the next major event? Here’s what to expect for Engaged Time, Recirculation, and traffic sources

7 news media startups and companies to watch in 2024

CDP recognizes UPM with double ‘A’ score for transparency on climate change and forests

World Press Trends Report 2024: Twipe’s Top 5 Insights

Whitepaper: Traffic, Engagement, and Loyalty Trends from 2023 – 5 takeaways to help you plan for 2024

January 2024

Behind the Paywall: The Shift of Monetisation Strategies

Success Story: Automatisierte Erstellung von Werbemitteln durch smartes Schnittstellenmanagement

What do digital news platforms need to reach financial sustainability? Insights for publishers

Reuters Trends and Predictions 2024: What You Need to Know

Global audience insights from the fourth quarter of 2023

Die Welt und Welt am Sonntag entscheiden sich für das Redaktionssystem InterRed

Nieman Lab’s Predictions for 2024: Twipe’s Top Picks


December 2023

Twipe: Our Top 10 Stories From 2023

Twipe Wrapped 2023

Logistical masterpiece: manroland Goss successfully moves used printing press from Thailand to Jordan

Logistische Meisterleistung: manroland Goss zieht Gebrauchtmaschine erfolgreich von Thailand nach Jordanien um

Clarín and Spain’s Hiberus launch new technology company

5 Tips for a Successful Large-scale ePaper Migration

UPM listed the only forest and paper industry company in the Dow Jones World and European Sustainability Indices

UPM als einziges Unternehmen der Forst- und Papierindustrie im weltweiten und europäischen Dow Jones Sustainability Index gelistet

Our data on the content that drives Google Discover traffic and engagement

Le Monde in English: Strategies to Reach New Markets

OM-Medien produziert mit PEIQ Print

November 2023

Key Insights from Newspapers’ Black Friday Deals in 2023

Mediengruppe Attenkofer setzt auf InterRed: Neues CMS für Onlineportal Idowa

6 Alternative Revenue Streams for News Publishers

UPM’s businesses are preparing to adjust production temporarily in Finland and will start change negotiations on possible temporary layoffs

A Conversation with LADbible on Engaging Generation Social

Ethics, AI, and the Future of News: Reflections on ChatGPT’s Anniversary

Digital editions and AI: Key takeaways from L’Edition du Soir’s 10 year anniversary

Strategies news publishers use on WhatsApp Channels for audience engagement

Chartbeat: New Report: Holiday Content Trends Unwrapped

October 2023

Twipe and The Stuttgart Newspaper Group Forge Strategic Partnership to Unveil Next Generation E-Paper Platform

Twipe und die Zeitungsgruppe Stuttgarter gehen strategische Partnerschaft ein, um die nächste Generation der E-Paper-Plattform vorzustellen

Using Recommendation Algorithms to Broaden User Taste: VRT’s approach

UPM closes Plattling mill in Germany – Participation process with employee representatives concluded

UPM schließt Werk Plattling – Beteiligungsprozess mit Arbeitnehmervertretern abgeschlossen

Affilizz launches ‘Magic Match’, allowing publishers to build affiliate revenues at scale in real time

Le Devoir obtient le statut d’organisation journalistique enregistrée – Nos donateurs peuvent maintenant obtenir un reçu fiscal pour leurs dons

Semafor, One Year On: An Emerging Player in Digital News

AFP Social Stories: the best AFP content for social media

AFP Social Stories : l’actualité au format vertical 9:16

Printing & Publishing Company Botswana opts for new service contract with manroland Goss

Printing & Publishing Company Botswana entscheidet sich für langfristigen Servicevertrag mit manroland Goss

10 Ways Journalists Use AI Tools in the Newsroom

The New York Times Company and PressReader Announce New Agreement to Drive Global Distribution and Reach New Audiences

Le Temps (Geneva, Switzerland) is recruiting its Executive Director

September 2023

How to Thrive in the Never Normal: Key Takeaways from the Digital Growth Summit 2023

EPA Images announces global partnership with Canon as exclusive imaging supplier

Increasing Digital ARPU, a necessity for News Publishers

6 Cases About the Future of Journalism from Industry Experts

PEIQ: Print-Automatisierung, Cloud und Digital-First-Workflows

Le Monde: Audience Engagement and Social Media Content

News from Cupertino: What News Professionals Need to Know About The Latest Apple Event

Case Study: Introducing Personalised Newsletters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

manroland Goss launches major update of the AI-assisted maintenance platform Maintellisense

manroland Goss launcht umfassende Funktionserweiterung der KI-gestützten Wartungsplattform Maintellisense

Facebook traffic to news and media sites continues to fall

August 2023

Mather: Understanding Audiences, Technology, Adaptive Pricing, and Data.

Die Neckarquelle mit neuem Regional-Portal

Unternehmensgruppe Aschendorff führt kaufm. System für den Werbemarkt von PEIQ ein

Mather Economics expands its global footprint by acquiring AI-powered solution provider Sophi

Mather Economics übernimmt Sophi

Personalised Newsletters at Keskisuomalainen Oyj, non-news verticals investment, and experimenting with Threads: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Aquila Acquires Laidback Solution AB

Keskisuomalainen Oyj: Improving Retention with Personalised & Automated JAMES Newsletters

L’Équipe: Adapting to the Digital Age and Mobile Apps

PressReader and Gannett join forces to expand USA Today’s global audience

Reutlinger General-Anzeiger: Digital-First-Storytelling mit PEIQ

Shaping the News Experience: Technologies and User-Centered Design at La Presse

How widely do visitors read across news and media sites? Our data on breadth of visit

July 2023

Printkosten weiter senken: Next Level Automatisierung für das Zeitungslayout

Women in Leadership Roundtable: The changing face of… (Podcast)

AI, Mobile apps, Multi Channel Publishing: technologies driving growth according to 5 news media leaders

UPM Half Year Financial Report 2023: Strong downturn in markets pushed Q2 results to exceptional lows – transformation continues

UPM-Finanzbericht Halbjahr 2023: Starker Rückgang der Märkte drückt Q2-Ergebnisse auf ungewohnte Tiefstände – Transformation geht weiter

Q.I. Press Controls far exceeds guaranteed performance at Salomon

Q.I. Press Controls übertrifft garantierte Leistung bei Salomon bei Weitem

UPM plans closure of its Plattling mill in Germany

UPM plant Schließung des Werks Plattling in Deutschland

8 facts about the Future of News from Ezra Eeman’s Wayfinder report

Global audience insights from the second quarter of 2023

Aschendorff launcht Zeitungsproduktion mit PEIQ

The story of Europe’s hottest TikTok news account: Ac2ality

UPM sells the recovered paper sorting plant ASK Kinsau in Germany

UPM verkauft die Altpapiersortieranlage ASK Kinsau in Deutschland

June 2023

Navigating the AI Dust Storm: The Impact of Generative AI and AI plugins on News Media

Labrador CMS are sponsoring WAN-IFRA World News Media Congress in Taipei

Employee consultation processes at UPM Schongau completed. Accelerated end of newspaper production in Steyrermühl determined

Mitarbeiterverhandlungen bei UPM Schongau abgeschlossen. Vorgezogenes Ende der Zeitungspapierherstellung in Steyrermühl terminiert

Navigating the “Never Normal” in News

Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation (DCSO) setzt auf Content Management System InterRed

Aftonbladet streamlines its editing process with the help of Roxen

Aftonbladet optimiert Redaktionsaufgaben mithilfe von Roxen

Roxen partnering with Washington Post on Arc XP

Asociación entre Roxen y Arc XP de Washington Post

10 charts from the Reuters Digital News Report 2023

When does news become old news? How traffic source, topic, and more impact the lifespan of an article

alfa Media joins forces with Sophi to enable print automation

alfa Media bündelt Kräfte mit Sophi für vollautomatisierte Erstellung von Druckseiten

Apple’s Vision (Pro) to the future

Twipe and L’Equipe forge powerful partnership on digital editions

Petri Hakanen appointed Senior Vice President Technology (CTO) for UPM

Petri Hakanen wird Senior Vice President Technology (CTO) bei UPM

UPM inaugurates its Paso de los Toros pulp mill in Uruguay

Guide: 5 steps to payment optimization and churn management

manroland Goss makes part-identification easier via Partium, the web app for spare parts

Ersatzteilsuche 4.0 bei manroland Goss: schnelle Teile-Identifikation mit der neuen Partium Web-Applikation

Driving Innovation: alfa Media and Aptoma collaborate to automate print production

Innovationstreiber: alfa Media und Aptoma kooperieren bei Druckautomation

Innovation : alfa Media et Aptoma collaborent pour automatiser la production d’imprimés

Navigating the AI Dust Storm: Photoshop’s leap forward and ChatGPT malfeasance

May 2023

Kodak Strengthens its Inkjet Capabilities with Acquisition of Graphic Systems Services Inc.

Neueinführungen von PEIQ seit 2020: 6 Verlagshäuser mit insgesamt 14 Zeitungen und mehr als 1 Million Auflage

NOZ/mh:n MEDIEN automatisieren Zeitungsproduktion mit PEIQ

NOZ/mh:n Medien setzen auf Blattplanung von PEIQ

Unter präsentiert die Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung ihr komplett neu aufgestelltes Portal

Labrador CMS Unveils AI-Powered Title Generator at PPA Festival

The secret behind TV 2’s massive growth

The Jewish Chronicle adopts Desk and the Atex headless Web CMS

Navigating the AI Dust Storm: The race for AI search engines and the question of AI ethics

Polaris Media selected Atex Cross-advertising as the new booking system

EPA Images and action press expand video distribution agreement

Google Discover now available in the Real-Time Dashboard

From Streaks to Offline Fun: The Power of Gamification in News Apps

Navigating the AI Dust Storm: A guide for publishers

State of adoption of AI in media & its potential for driving media company growth

Stand der Einführung von KI in den Medien und ihr Potenzial für das Wachstum von Medienunternehmen

État de l’adoption de l’IA dans les médias et son potentiel pour stimuler la croissance des entreprises de médias

Estado de la adopción de la IA en los medios de comunicación y su potencial para impulsar el crecimiento de las empresas del sector

April 2023

Does headline testing lose value over time? Our data behind its lasting impact on engagement

The fight for GenZ, retention tactics and publishers’ approach to GenerativeAI – Key learnings from DME 2023

Atex partners with leading media houses in Sweden to streamline advertising booking

What AI can do for us

Was AI für uns leisten kann

UPM electrifies heat and steam production at its mills in Finland and Germany

How publishers are leveraging short-form video

8 essential readings for understanding modern journalism

Centro Stampa Quotidiani continues strategy by also equipping new press with Q.I. Press Controls

Centro Stampa Quotidiani setzt Strategie fort und rüstet auch neue Druckmaschine mit Q.I. Press Controls aus

The 6 Reader Cravings Explained

March 2023

Verlag Der Tagesspiegel GmbH chooses Lineups Adpoint Ad2order for self service

Verlag Der Tagesspiegel GmbH entscheidet sich für Lineups Adpoint Ad2order zur Selbstbedienung

Whitepaper: Traffic, Engagement, and Device Trends from 2022 – 5 takeaways to help you plan for 2023

The wild west of Generative AI experiments

Atex powers its image editor Matik with generative AI

Global Media Kit Empowers Media Owners and Buyers with New Chat-GPT Powered Omni-Channel Platform for Success

6 learnings from the FT Strategies Summit

Chartbeat Acquires Lineup Systems and Tubular Labs to Help Media Companies Grow Reach and Revenue

UPM plans capacity reduction in Schongau and accelerates its exit plan in Steyrermühl

UPM plant Kapazitätsreduzierung in Schongau und beendet Papierherstellung in Steyrermühl vorzeitig

Salt Lake Tribune produces print and digital editions with ppi Media’s “tohoop”

Salt Lake Tribune produziert Print- und Digitalausgaben mit tohoop von ppi Media

Gjirafatech’s Bisko Unveils the Power of Data Management Platforms for Businesses

Digital Asset Management und KI: InterRed auf der Hannover Messe 2023

5 key drivers of successful finite formats

From Boomers to Gen Z: The surprising ways US News Media is captivating audiences across generations

Jonas Eriksson new Chairman of the Board of United Robots

Lineup’s Adpoint reduces Gannett invoicing time by 90%

Adpoint von Lineup reduziert die Zeit für die Rechnungsstellung bei Gannett um 90 %

Adpoint de Lineup réduit le temps de facturation de Gannett de 90 %

Adpoint de Lineup reduce el tiempo de facturación de Gannett en un 90%

Apotheken Umschau: Print und Digital mit dem Redaktionssystem InterRed

February 2023

How can publishers adopt Web3 in 2023?

Paperview received the INN 2023 award for Innovation in the “solutions for the sustainability of the media” category during the first “International Conference on Innovation in the Media”

DCOS wins Retrofit on historic ground

Why publishers remain hopeful with audio in 2023

How German publishers are successfully converting subscribers from print to digital

Zeit Sprachen: Redaktionssystem InterRed für Print und Digital

Atex signs a partnership with Froomle to enhance personalisation

3 types of newsletter every publisher should experiment with

January 2023

Global audience insights from the fourth quarter of 2022

Q.I. Press Controls’ IDS-3D more than lives up to expectations for CH Media Print AG

IDS-3D von Q.I. Press Controls wird bei der CH Media Print AG den Erwartungen mehr als gerecht

What’s next for the Metaverse and publishing?

News personae and the future of AI recommendations

Aschendorff Group goes live with eSuite, Aptitude Software’s award-winning subscription management solution

8 charts that you need to see from Reuters Predictions for 2023

Yedioth Ahronoth confirms the choice of Atex solution for their newspaper production

Lineup: Russmedia Case Study

Lineup: Russmedia-Fallstudie

NiemanLab’s Predictions for 2023: Our Top Picks


December 2022

The Most Engaging Stories of 2022

Mittelbayerische Zeitung wechselt zu PEIQ Print

Mather Economics: Media Revenue Symposium 2023

Mediengruppe Bayern setzt auf PEIQ Create

Mediengruppe Bayern entscheidet sich für PEIQ Portal

5 themes that governed the news industry in 2022

PEIQ Publishing Day feiert 10-jähriges Präsenz-Jubiläum mit spannenden Redner:innen aus der Verlagsbranche

Atex appoints Michele Alessandrini as Chief Technology Officer

CDP recognises UPM with triple ‘A’ score for climate, forests and water security actions

Dow Jones Sustainability Index lists UPM the leader of its industry

How does Recirculation vary by site category, device, and loyalty? Our data on the essential engagement metric

White Paper: Driving Digital Subscriptions in 2022 and Beyond – How Publishers Can Keep the Growth Going

How have news apps developed in 2022?

PressReader and The Economist deepen partnership

Long-term subscriptions and low price points: how publishers approached Black Friday 2022

November 2022

Local News Deserts Survey Report Factsheet

From Print to Digital: Managing the Economics of Media Change

Mediahuis Noord Grafisch Bedrijf takes next step with modernisation workflow by EAE V.I.P.

Mediahuis Noord Grafisch Bedrijf macht den nächsten Schritt bei der Modernisierung des Workflows mit EAE V.I.P.

5 ways to Grow Your Company’s Revenue in 2023

Welsh startup leads in video duration control technology

4 cases of publishers pioneering with NFTs

How to Use Marfeel to Build a Winning Editorial Strategy for Google Discover (Webinar on 24th November)

EPA Images hires Business Development Director with proven track record

No peak in sight: 82% of publishers still looking to launch extra newsletters

Der Bell-Verlag aus Halver erteilt PPS den Digitalisierungsauftrag des Allgemeinen Anzeiger

Why metadata tags are gold for publishers – Enhance audience engagement, ad revenues and SEO reach with topic pages

Xinhua and EPA Images sign new distribution agreement

How Sunday editions help increase digital engagement

Series of major orders continues: Hankyung Media Group invests in two new Colorman e:line printing presses

Serie an Großaufträgen setzt sich fort: Hankyung Media Group investiert in zwei neue Colorman e:line-Anlagen

Successful tactics for turning print readers into digital readers

EPA Announces New Branding Alongside New Website Launch

October 2022

Die NÖN startet mit PEIQ in die digitale Zukunft

Engaging news outsiders: A case study from Schibsted’s InLab

“The future of media is not about digital transformation, but about transformation of digital”

5 need to knows for media innovators

Digital newspaper printing: KP Services (Jersey) Ltd continue to print UK national titles for the Channel Islands

MEGAfoN: InterRed entwickelt Nachrichten-App für Schüler:innen

How does the 80-20 Rule apply to pageviews and engagement?

The Future of Media Technology – News Automation: Winning Robot Journalism Strategies for 2023 (Webinar on 12th October)

Web3 offers readers a prescription for subscription

New product: Hurricane updates for US

September 2022

Eidosmedia joins Web3 initiative to explore potential of decentralized network technologies in the news-media sector

Eidosmedia Partners with on Print Automation

Embracing the Metaverse is all about the long-term perspective

PrimeUp: Ein weiteres Mitglied in der Grow Digital Group

Twipe launches new ePaper App SDK Solution with French Publisher Le Parisien

UPM doubles the amount of deadwood in its forests to increase biodiversity

Poool announces €4 million fundraising

5 revenue generation lessons from the Future of News Media Technology Conference

Join Naviga at WAN-IFRA World News Media Congress 2022

Norkon announces the launch of Parachute for Live Center

Twipe wins Lion of the Export 2022 Award

Bauverlag setzt auf automatisierte E-Paper Lösung von InterRed

Beyond Google Analytics: Why real-time data is essential for publishers

Is there an optimal article length? Our data on the relationship between word count and engagement

Maybe There Should Be an Award for Best Workflow – Learn 3 ways a CMS helps writers and editors with workflow in the newsroom

Challenges mount for the news industry as consumers turn away from news. How can technology help?

3 techniques that media outlets can learn from e-commerce about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Mather Expands Global Footprint with New Office Opening in Belgium

Warum ist es wichtig, Archive zu digitalisieren?

Poool x Edisound: Convert podcast listeners into leads, members & subscribers

3 Neukund:innen für das Redaktionssystem von PEIQ in der Cloud – allein in den letzten 12 Monaten

New Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at EPA

Le Temps (Genève) recrute son/sa responsable Marché Lecteurs. Ce poste fondamental au sein du média couvre toutes les activités d’acquisition d’abonnements, de fidélisation et de ventes aux lecteurs/lectrices.

Publishinglösung InterRed auf der DMEXCO 2022

iMatrics Debuts Gender Analysis as Part of Their Auto-Tagging Tools for Content Creators

Focusing on digital ads and subscription growth to make up for rising print costs

August 2022

5 evergreen tips from 18 news media leaders

Naviga Partners with Avalara to Automate Tax Compliance

UPM receives all-time high EcoVadis score thanks to its renewed social responsibility agenda

UPM erreicht dank aktualisierter Nachhaltigkeitsagenda Rekordbewertung durch Ecovadis

The Newsroom 3.0 boom: How to join this phenomenon

What is the long term potential for publishers with AR and VR technologies and in the Metaverse?

Accordion – a new way to control duration

Growth in mobile traffic and engagement: Global audience insights from Q2 2022

What is the long term potential of Web3 for news publishers?

ppi Media expands CMS solution into fully-fledged editorial system for nd

ppi Media erweitert für nd CMS-Lösung zu vollwertigem Redaktionssystem

Druckzentrum Neckar-Alb takes newspaper printing into the future with Kodak Sonora Xtra Process Free Plates

July 2022

ppi Media named a WordPress VIP Technology Partner with “tohoop”

ppi Media wird mit „tohoop“ zum WordPress-VIP-Technologiepartner ernannt

Successful strategies in the most creative digital newsrooms: the story behind El orden Mundial

Digital users in Europe are up 100 million from 2019. How can publishers capitalise on this?

Wie Publisher Instagram am effektivsten nutzen können

News automation white paper: Best practice for content automation in local media

What we’re reading this summer (and what you should read too!)

Piano Releases 2022 Subscription Performance Benchmark Report

Digital Growth Summit 2022: Gemeinsam die Nachrichtenwelt von Morgen gestalten

Helping Torstar to kick-start direct reader revenues – growing from zero to 100,000 subscribers in 18 months

3 findings from experiments with triggers via push notification, website and email

Future of Content returns in face-to-face mode

Wie Publisher mehrsprachigen Content nutzen, um ihre Zielgruppe zu erweitern

What is local news in 2022 and how are publishers adapting?

Editorial system InterRed: AI-based layout for automated print production

Redaktionssystem InterRed: KI-basiertes Layout für automatisierte Printproduktion

Mather Economics Announces Malcolm Netburn to Join Advisory Board

Was können sich Publisher von TikTok erhoffen?

Eidosmedia to open new technology centre in Porto

OÖN Druckzentrum and QIPC-EAE join forces for full size retrofit of Commander press

OÖN Druckzentrum und QIPC-EAE schließen sich zusammen, um die Commander-Rotation in voller Größe umzurüsten

June 2022

Rodi Rotatiedruk secures production planning with EAE/Wobe

Rodi Rotatiedruk sichert die Produktionsplanung mit EAE/Wobe

The importance of mobile and how it is shaping the news publishing industry

Aptitude Software & MPP Global bring clarity to complexity with bold new brand

Mit welchen digitalen Beilagen können Publisher die Leseaktivität steigern?

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung introduces AdX from ppi Media

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung entscheidet sich für AdX von ppi Media

Poool becomes a Membership and Subscription Suite

Sind Podcasts das Medium des 21. Jahrhunderts?

Kodak announces fastest inkjet on the market with groundbreaking Kodak Prosper 7000 Turbo Press

Reuters Digital Report 2022: Key Learnings

Global collective of advertising industry professionals launches open-source resources that allow brands to continue supporting quality journalism during crises

Zinio Announces the Launch of Audio Digest, a Narrated Compilation of a Magazine Issue’s Top Articles

Naviga Announces Expansion into the Asia-Pacific Market

Reuters Digital Report 2022 – Wie traditionell ist die Mediennutzung in der DACH-Region?

Rheinische Post introduces AdSelf from ppi Media

Rheinische Post führt Selfservice-Anzeigenportal AdSelf von ppi Media ein

4 technologies to include in your 2023 plans

Wie dänische Medienschaffende die Zukunft der Nachrichten sehen

Publishing’s print predicament

Rechtschreibung im Blick: Rheinische Post setzt auf Duden-Korrektur von EPC

May 2022:

Digital überholt Print – Ein internationaler Vergleich

The changing face of big tech so far in 2022

3 Beispiele, wie die Nutzung von Daten den Journalismus verändert hat

Atex releases “Matik” the new image collage tool for Desk users

Swedish Roxen keeps growing – agreement signed with three more newspapers

PPS vor grundlegender Entscheidung

An optimistic outlook in 7 charts from the World Press Trends Report 2022

Advance Local is New Customer

Wie personalisierte Newsletter den Onboarding-Prozess optimieren

5 findings from launching 10 personalised newsletters across Finland

Schibsted Trykk relocates press and upgrades with DCOS

Reuters Partners with The Globe and Mail’s Automation Platform

UPM sells the industrial site of Chapelle Darblay to the Community of Rouen

Gute Nachrichten für Publisher im Kampf gegen die Tech Giants

What a multi-year analysis of traffic sources, device type, and loyalty tells us about the year ahead

Verla, Tervasaari, Kymi, Seikku – UPM’s oldest mills celebrate their 150th anniversary in many ways

Publishers solidifying subscriber bases through non-traditional means

Aquila acquires Comosoft

Wie Publisher soziale Medien optimal nutzen können, um ihren Paid Content zu bewerben

April 2022:

Newsroom driven innovation: Insights from WAN-IFRA’s Newsroom Summit

Wie Zeitungen zu einem „Partner in Life“ für ihre Abonnenten werden können

Why Gen Z pay for news

UPM and Paperworkers’ Union agree on first-ever business-specific collective labour agreements – strike ends at UPM mills in Finland

WoodWing Software awarded with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

Warum investieren immer mehr Publisher in ihre Newsletter-Strategie?

Atex and Zawya presenting at the Newsroom Summit

Froomle: Global Reader Behavior Insights 2022

PRISA Media confirms the choice of Atex publishing solution

Welche Möglichkeiten haben Publisher in der erweiterten Realität?

Newsletters and the quest to fit into reader’s lives

Bilanz der letzten 18 Monate: Sechs Zeitungen führen das Redaktionssystem von PEIQ ein und vier den digitalen Editor

How Naviga Helped McPherson Media Group Consolidate and Optimize IT Systems From Sales to Content Creation

1st April 2022, Morten Kallmayer takes over the baton as CEO of Visiolink after founder Jens Funder Berg

March 2022:

The Financial Times launches “FT Edit”, a new digital edition

ppi Media automates daily newspaper production workflows at reiff medien

ppi Media automatisiert Workflows für die Tageszeitungsproduktion bei reiff Medien

MPP Global Welcomes Jeff Spies to Grow Subscription Management Strategy

Wie Publisher Rätsel nutzen können, um neue Abonnenten zu gewinnen

United Robots and Forum Communications in news automation experts’ first US partnership for automated sports reporting

DC Thomson live with automated junior football – United Robots’ first UK client

Schibsted Norway chooses Atex Cross-advertising to support sales

Naviga acquires Abacus to further expand the digital subscription capabilities of its innovative Content Engagement Platform

Why audio articles are great for retention, conversion and attracting young readers

6 inspiererende Beispiele, um das richtige Abo-Modell zu finden

Druckerei Konstanz keeps finding security and continuity in QIPC

Druckerei Konstanz findet bei QIPC weiterhin Sicherheit und Kontinuität

How the news industry has reacted to the invasion of Ukraine and how you can help

UPM will cease deliveries to Russia

MPP Global Announces Microsoft Azure Migration for Global Media Client Base

February 2022

MPP Global Integrates Mather Economics’ Targeted Market Based Pricing to Maximise Customer Lifetime Value & Minimise Subscriber Losses

Active Interest Media chooses Amplio for online audience engagement and subscription management

Piano Acquires SocialFlow to Connect Social Media Strategies to Customer Journey Orchestration

WoodWing appoints Joris van Leeuwen as new CCO – Appointment underlines WoodWing’s growth ambitions

Paperworkers’ Union continues strike at several UPM mills until March and invites competitors to UPM negotiations

Q.I Press Controls’ IDS-3D debuts in Ireland at Webprint

IDS-3D von Q.I. Press Controls debütiert in Irland bei Webprint

epa hiring of industry expert Ian Campbell to focus on opportunities in sport sector

WAN-IFRA’s 2022 Product Portfolio Now Available

January 2022

EAE appoints Robert Lugauer as CEO to lead both the graphic and intralogistics divisions

EAE ernennt Robert Lugauer zum Geschäftsführer für den Bereich Grafik und Intralogistik

Sjællandske Medier selected Atex Cross-advertising web edition

AKT blockade against UPM does not advance negotiations

The Paperworkers’ Union has announced to continue its strike in several UPM mills in Finland

Bristol Herald Courier partners with EAE for press upgrade

manroland Goss and QIPC-EAE settle disputed copyright infringement cases

manroland Goss und QIPC-EAE legen Rechtsstreit strittiger Urheberrechtsverletzungen bei

How to keep your ink rollers and dampening system in top condition

Mediahuis Ventures increases its stake in Mather Economics

Weser-Kurier to use ppi Media’s AdX and AdMan ad solutions in the future

Weser-Kurier setzt zukünftig Anzeigenlösungen AdX und AdMan von ppi Media ei



KameraOne to work with the Associated Press to extend its digital news service for German speaking markets

UPM closes the unexplained pay gap

Aschendorff entscheidet sich für Cloud-Redaktionssystem von PEIQ

PPS: Retrodigitalisierung des Archivs der Süddeutschen Zeitung abgeschlossen

Asia’s Leading Media Organization SPH Media Trust Signs on with CUE

Resolute Announces Share Repurchase Program

epa and Maxppp Renew Their Content Partnership

Mather appoints David Clinch as Global Head of Partnerships

How Naviga Ad helped The Philadelphia Inquirer bring its print and digital advertising systems under one lead-to-cash cloud portal

How Agderposten was able to increase efficiency in the newsroom by automating the print manufacturing workflow

Change in management at alfa Media

Wechsel in der Geschäftsführung bei alfa Media

Changement de la direction d’alfa Media

Wort & Bild Verlag entscheidet sich für Redaktionssystem InterRed

Transcontinental Transmag continues to rely on Q.I. Press Controls

Transcontinental Transmag setzt weiterhin auf Q.I. Press Controls

QIPC EAE India makes success entry in the ‘Rotary Press Market’

UPM continues to aim for business-specific collective bargaining with the Paperworkers’ Union, but also prepares to arrange working conditions of concerned businesses without collective agreements

ppi Media delivers “StoryBox” content portal for Schwäbisch Media

ppi Media liefert Content-Portal „StoryBox“ für Schwäbisch Media

New Hubspot integration for alfa AdSuite Market at “Die Presse”

Neue Hubspot-Integration für alfa AdSuite Market bei „Die Presse“

Nouvelle intégration de Hubspot pour alfa AdSuite Market à « Die Presse » 

UPM included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 10 years in a row

New York Daily News raises the bar on newspaper print production

MPP Global is Acquired by Aptitude Software to Capitalise on the Subscription Boom

The Telegraph (Case Study): Monetizing Engagement with Raw Data

HT Media implements an extensive update of its production solutions with ppi Media

HT Media führt umfangreiches Update von Produktionslösungen mit ppi Media durch

Resolute Reports Preliminary Third Quarter 2021 Results

sprylab integrates publishing module from ppi Media in Purple DS Hub

sprylab integriert Publishingmodul von ppi Media in Purple DS Hub

Aquila strengthens global media footprint through acquisition of Jaicom Oy

Le Telegramme opts for the ultimate Colorman e:line autoprint high-end technology from manroland Goss

Le Télégramme investiert in neueste Colorman e:line autoprint-Maschinentechnologie von manroland Goss

El Espectador in Colombia to automate domestic and international football match reports

Guatemalan publisher Antorcha Deportiva to automate 4,000 match reports

Search Engine Optimization for Journalists – Why should Journalists care about SEO?

Le Dauphiné Libéré: Druckplattenproduktion schneller und effizienter

Domani: a lean newsroom for high quality journalism

UPM has sold the Kaipola mill site

UPM sells its Chapelle Darblay newsprint mill to the consortium of Samfi and Paprec

Agfa to increase offset printing plate prices

EPC places third closed-loop density order with DCOS, combined with Goss Universal upgrade

Papierfabrik Palm successfully awarded the renewal of the eco-label “Blue Angel“

Palm wurde die Erneuerung des Umweltzeichens „Blauer Engel“ verliehen

Tribune Publishing Company gets better quality output with less ink, less water and less waste

Atex announces new organisation structure to meet a rapidly changing digital publishing scenario

Singener Wochenblatt entscheidet sich für PEIQ

MPP Global and CORE Partner to Offer Best-of-Breed Technology Transformation in DACH Region

Kodak Honored with 2021 Pinnacle InterTech Award for Advancing Sustainable Printing

1plusX Expands into the US, Offering Cookieless Targeting Capabilities to Brands and Publishers

Massimo Reynaudo appointed Executive Vice President, UPM Communication Papers

The UN recognises UPM as the only forest industry representative and the only Finnish company in the Global Compact LEAD network

DCOS sells Tensor press to PGM in Latvia including upgrades

McClatchy and United Robots in strategic pilot partnership about automated real estate news

Duncan K. Davies Named Chairman of the Board of Resolute

Spir@l screening exceeds expectations at Grupo Sinos

GEDI and Froomle partner to improve readers’ online experience

twipe: Digital Growth Summit 2021 – The Next 10 Years in News

UPM continues to aim for business-specific collective bargaining with Paperworkers’ Union: “Entering into agreements provides better terms for everyone”

epa signs an agreement for photo copyrights protection with Permission Machine

Mediahuis goes reader-first with CUE as the main publishing platform

Woodwing Webinar: The power of image optimization in branding and storytelling

UPM aims at new kind of and more inclusive negotiations with Paperworkers’ Union and UPM’s employee representatives in Finland

APG awards DCOS two upgrade projects

Resolute Reports Preliminary Second Quarter 2021 Results

United Robots raise growth capital as automated journalism takes off internationally

WAN-IFRA, The Google News Initiative and Mather Economics launch comprehensive Latin America Subscriptions Report Wins WAN-IFRA’s North American Digital Media Award

La Liberté (Canada) is releasing its 3rd science mag for kids “Teamwork Against the Corona!”

La Liberté (Canada) publie son troisième magazine scientifique pour enfants «Contre les coronas, on joue en équipe!»

InterRed präsentiert Social Media Management Tool: InterRed Social

Kodak Strengthens Commitment to Print, Acquiring Southern Lithoplate Inc. (SLP) Service & Parts Assets

Agfa announces offset printing plate price increase

Virtual ppiDays21: high attendance and captivating user stories

Virtuelle ppiDays21 mit hoher Beteiligung und mitreißenden Anwenderstorys

Mediahuis partners with Twipe to grow digital editions

MPP Global Integrates Zephr as an Intelligent Paywall partner

NDC, the largest newspaper in the north of Holland, partners up with Q.I. Press Controls to set new standards in efficiency and quality

NDC, die größte Zeitung in Nordholland, geht eine Partnerschaft mit Q.I. Press Controls an, um neue Standards in Effizienz und Qualität zu setzen

Sustainability in action – with process free plates from Kodak

Südkurier is using ppi Media’s revamped online solution for customer ad reviews (AdCept)

ppi Medias neu gestaltete Internet-Kundenkorrektur AdCept im Einsatz beim Südkurier

WoodWing strengthens its Enterprise Information Management position through a strategic combination with Expansion, supported by Main

Die Zeit: Multi Channel Publishing und zentrales DAM mit dem Redaktionssystem InterRed

Layout International Partners with to Fully Automate Print Production

UPM has completed employee consultation process in Finland

Roxen partnering with Washington Post on Arc XP

AFP launches MediaConnect, a subsidiary serving PR professionals and journalists

QIPC celebrates 25 year jubilee with the icing on the cake: First customer, Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk, places new order 25 years after date

QIPC feiert 25-jähriges Jubiläum mit Kirsche auf dem Sahnehäubchen: Erster Kunde, Janssen/Pers Rotatiedruk, erteilt nach 25 Jahren neuen Auftrag

SIE Editorial Group chooses Atex for L’Adige

DPG Media The Hague “goes” Closed-loop with Q.I. Press Controls

DPG Media Den Haag setzt auf Closed-Loop mit Q.I. Press Controls

Axel Springer Offsetdruckerei Ahrensburg exploits the Kodak Libra VP2 Digital Plate’s potential to the full

Agfa and Hybrid Software to partner

Agfa und Hybrid Software werden Partner

UPM will close unexplained gaps in pay

Resolute Reports Preliminary First Quarter 2021 Results

UPM Interim Report Q1 2021: Market turn and efficiency improvement boost UPM’s earnings – growth projects progress as planned

Use container technology wisely with alfa SmartDock

Container-Technologie mit alfa SmartDock sinnvoll nutzen

manroland Goss expects more orders and higher profitability in 2021

manroland Goss erwartet für 2021 mehr Aufträge und höhere Ertragskraft

Sustainability that pays: Kodak’s commitment to its customers and our planet

Print Perspectives: Every Day is Earth Day for these Kodak Customers

ppi Media is recognized as a great place to work

ppi Media als attraktiver Arbeitgeber ausgezeichnet

Kodak Acquires the Assets of ECRM Incorporated’s CTP Business

InterRed gewinnt European Publishing Award 2021

UPM seeks efficiency improvement in its global functions

Content Management specialist Scienta joins forces with WoodWing, supported by Main

When good experiences become even better: DZZ Druckzentrum Zurich commits fully to the Kodak Libra VP2 Digital Plate

Spir@L screening proves its value at Brazilian newspaper printing site

Axel Springer in Kettwig (Germany): Safe Production thanks to NewsGrip Retrofit

Axel Springer in Kettwig: Sicher produzieren dank NewsGrip-Retrofit

WoodWing appoints new CTO Amanda van der Leest-Rasch to support further growth

Tryck i Norr to automate invoicing with MWM Print 365

ppi n3xt: new service provider offers digitization support for various sectors

ppi n3xt: Neues Dienstleistungsunternehmen hilft branchenübergreifend bei Digitalisierungsfragen

Advance Local selects Twipe as innovation partner for their digital edition

Le Matin continues to rely on Q.I. Press Controls’ press automation

Le Matin setzt weiterhin auf die Druckmaschinenautomatisierung von Q.I. Press Controls

Agfa unveils global program of price increases for its offset plates

New Director of Business Development appointed at epa

Swift Communications awards DCOS a second retrofit project

Boyens Medien live with alfa WebStore

Boyens Medien mit alfa WebStore live

Interview with Randy Vandagriff, Senior VP of Print, on the new Kodak Prosper Ultra 520 Press

epa vertreibt Fotos und Videos über my-picturemaxx

Bonnier News Local improves their insert handling with a cloud based system from MWM

New Director Finance & Administration appointed at epa

Google Audience Development Workshop Series Will Launch on March 15

Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates give Dewezet a clear efficiency advantage in prepress and newspaper printing

Tamedia installs MWM´s Print 365

STEC ready for additional jobs with Performance Package from QIPC-EAE

STEC gut gerüstet für zusätzliche Aufträge mit dem Performance Package von QIPC-EAE

French newspaper 20 Minutes chooses the Twipe digital edition distribution platform

20 Minutes choisit Twipe pour la distribution de son journal numérique

MPP Global Appoints Ruth Bickerton as Vice President, Global Channel & Strategic Alliances, Publishing

UPM joins The Climate Pledge

Resolute Reports Preliminary Fourth Quarter and 2020 Results

NWT picks DCOS for retrofit and inspection system

Yuma Sun maximizing efficiencies of NewsWay upgrade

Say goodbye to complexity. Say hello to Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions.

epa launches global video service in partnership with Agencia EFE

MPP Global and Agillic Partnership will Deliver Best-in-Class Subscriber Tech for Subscription and Media Businesses

Corporate Knights recognises UPM on the 22nd place among the 100 most sustainable corporations

LMC and Mather Economics Announce Partnership on Digital Subscription Services

Resolute Announces Appointment of Sylvain A. Girard as Chief Financial Officer

epa european pressphoto agency and Shutterstock Renew Exclusive Representation Agreement

epa stellt sich mit internationalem Foto- und Videoangebot in Deutschland neu auf

Medill and Mather Economics Partner to Drive Media Industry to Next Revenue Frontier

Grow Digital Group: Mit neuem Geschäftsführer weiter auf Wachstumskurs

Agence France-Presse and Getty Images renew leading global content partnership

L’AFP et Getty Images renouvellent leur partenariat mondial de distribution

Agence France-Presse und Getty Images verlängern ihre erfolgreiche globale Content-Kooperation

AFP y Getty Images renuevan su acuerdo mundial de distribución de contenido

Nine automates image enhancement with Claro Version 12

Newspaper printer Grafschafter Nachrichten saves costs with Attiro ZH and Avatar V-ZH

„Chancen erkennen und umsetzen“ – Grafschafter Nachrichten sparen Kosten mit Attiro ZH und Avatar V-ZH



Content-X integrates Gutenberg Editor

Redaktionslösung Content-X integriert Gutenberg Editor

Resolute Announces Appointment of Hugues Simon as President of Wood Products

Digital Collections becomes Stibo DX

Digital Collections wird zu Stibo DX

El Universal relaunches its publishing activity thanks to Media Cloud technology

Koenig & Bauer sharpens its focus on sustainability: Dr Bernd Heusinger passes IR responsibilities to Lena Landenberger

Koenig & Bauer verstärkt Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit: Dr. Bernd Heusinger übergibt IR-Stab an Lena Landenberger

Polaris Media to use Schibsted’s media platform

Kodak announces expanded collaboration with Microsoft to provide advanced business solutions for the printing industry

ESMG automate sports coverage for hyper local engagement

Local media group  Gota Media go all in on robot journalism with United Robots

Funke Mediengruppe is using Content-X to produce magazines for its daily newspapers

Funke Mediengruppe setzt auf Content-X für die Magazinproduktion ihrer Tageszeitungstitel

Sport Bild setzt auf Redaktionssystem InterRed

German media publisher secures ABB expertise for press management and optimization system upgrade

Deutsches Medienunternehmen setzt auf bewährtes Know-how von ABB

Dr. Hauke Berndt (ppi Media) elected as first chairman of DiWiSH e.V.

Dr. Hauke Berndt (ppi Media) ist neuer erster Vorsitzender des DiWiSH e.V.

Media Group Main-Post, Würzburg (Germany): “Increased efficiency thanks to the Attiro ZH washout unit with reduced production costs!”

Mediengruppe Main-Post, Würzburg: „Effizienzsteigerung dank der Attiro ZH Auswascheinheit bei reduzierten Produktionskosten!“

UPM recognised the best in the forest and paper industry in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index

UPM extends product portfolio at its Jämsänkoski paper mill

Koenig & Bauer publishes its Q3 report 2020: Adjusted EBIT almost reached break-even in Q3

Koenig & Bauer veröffentlicht Q3-Bericht 2020: Break-even beim EBIT vor Sondereffekten im Q3 nahezu erreicht

Q.I. Press Controls received 5 orders for new measurement and control systems from India in the past period

Resolute Announces Appointment of Remi G. Lalonde as President and CEO, Succeeding Yves Laflamme

Resolute Reports Preliminary Third Quarter 2020 Results

Der erste und wichtigste Schritt im Workflow der Digitalisierung … das Scannen

Märkische Oderzeitung: Print, Online, E-Paper & App mit InterRed

Naviga Partners with to Automate the Print Production Workflow

Moody’s Corporation acquires Acquire Media business from Naviga, Inc.

“The New York Times”: Taking advantage of the print format with attractive supplements [Interview with Todd Socia, Senior Vice President – Print Products & Services]

„The New York Times“: Mit attraktiven Beilagen das Printformat ausnutzen [Todd Socia, Senior Vice President – Print Products & Services, im Interview]

QIPC-EAE and Koenig & Bauer announce cooperation

QIPC-EAE und Koenig & Bauer gehen Kooperation ein

ABB to futureproof major German printing house with management system and process optimization

ABB begleitet führendes Medienhaus sicher in die Zukunft

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