Six Steps Towards an AI strategy for news – and other findings from Generating Change report

2023-09-21. New comprehensive, global report on what news organisations are doing with AI exposes challenges and opportunities – and offers valuable insights for newsrooms of the future.

How Indonesia’s Kompas is growing its digital business

2023-09-20. “We have all earned trust and influence from various stakeholders. The question is ‘How do we find new ways to monetise that influence to create a more thriving model for journalism?’ ” says Andy Budiman, CEO, KG Media, which publishes Indonesia’s largest daily newspaper, Kompas.

Embrace evolution: Print augments the growth of new media

2023-09-18. The Indian Printers Summit 2023, organised by WAN-IFRA, concluded successfully at the Marriott Hotel in Kochi, India. This year’s summit brought together more than 300 media leaders from around 75 organisations for the 31st edition of this WAN-IFRA event.

Access to information must remain a fundamental right  

2023-09-15. While the immediacy and ease of available information is beyond any previous generation’s wildest imaginings, access to it is a long way from universal.

Can better migrant reporting help quell hate?

2023-09-15. Immigration is a divisive issue worldwide. What role does media play in fuelling emotions and can explicit ethical guidelines on reporting migration help address the rhetoric?

WIZONE, WAN-IFRA’s new marketplace launched today

2023-09-14. WAN-IFRA has announced today the launch of WIZONE, a groundbreaking online marketplace poised to lift connections between suppliers, service providers and news publishers on a global scale. Today’s official launch occurred at the Indian Printers Summit 2023 in Kochi, marking a transformative leap forward for the industry.

World’s Press calls for immediate release of Congolese journalist Stanis Bujakera

2023-09-13. WAN-IFRA calls for the release of well-known journalist Stanis Bujakera Tshiamala, who is being held arbitrarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on charges of “spreading false rumours” and “false information” in connection to a story that did not carry his byline.

Ugandan editor finds seven lessons for transformation when exploring Zambia’s media resilience

2023-09-12. A cross-border benchmarking project by WAN-IFRA Women in News explored Zambia’s media industry, and found it resilient and adaptable – but not without challenges.

SEEN and heard: An editor inspired by the hustle of ordinary South Africans

2023-09-08. Nwabisa Makunga, editor of The Sowetan, and a board member of the World Editors Forum, is one of the few women editors of a major national newspaper in South Africa. She will be participating in the Digital Media Africa online conference on 13-14 September. Here, Glenda Nevill, Editor of The Media Online, talks to her about her career and challenges of being a woman editor.

How Vox keeps users engaged while staying true to its origins

2023-09-07. Vox Editor in Chief Swati Sharma recently discussed how their strategy helps them stay people-first and adaptable, and why culture is the most important thing you can build in your newsroom.