Media organisation targeted for investigative report on US-based opposition to Ukraine aid

2024-06-14., an independent data journalism outlet based in Ukraine, has come under intense pressure from figures named in a recent report investigating opposition to continued US assistance for the country.

How to tackle news avoidance: experts and Gen Z’ers weigh in

2024-06-14. Will Lewis, CEO of the Washington Post, told staff recently he is to create a third newsroom, because: “Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff.”
News avoidance is a global newsroom challenge. So what can be done about it?

A new narrative for climate coverage with impact? 5 guidelines from 5 global Climate Explorers

2024-06-14. Five climate journalists from five regions were brought together in Denmark for five months with one goal: find new ways to cover climate change with a constructive lens. They shared five key guidelines at WAN-IFRA’s recent World News Media Congress – proving why, and how, climate coverage works.

Carving a ‘niche’: Subscriptions drive 70% of Watch Media’s revenue

2024-06-13. Anders Heering joined our recent World News Media Congress in Copenhagen to share insights from Danish B2B newsroom Watch Media’s subscription journey and revenue diversification efforts.

How one of the world’s oldest daily newspapers reinvented itself – overnight

2024-06-13. Faced with impending shutdown, Austria’s 320-year-old Wiener Zeitung underwent a radical reinvention – from government gazette, to publicly-funded, digital-only, multichannel media outlet – virtually overnight. Here’s how…

Sweden’s NTM doubles subscribers with digital pivot

2024-06-12. NTM, one of the largest media groups in Sweden, is spread across 17 newsrooms, with a 70 percent reach in its operational areas. It launched its subscription efforts in 2017, with a freemium paywall.

How newspaper giant Mediahuis aims to reach 70% digital revenue by 2030

2024-06-11. European news publisher Mediahuis has 1.8 million subscribers with a roughly 50/50 split between print and digital on average across all the titles. Currently the revenue split is 70% print and 30% digital.

Spain’s Henneo drives an innovative project to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in printing plants

2024-06-10. The printing plant of the Henneo group, located in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza), has developed an innovative platform using technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data for real-time management of Heatset printing presses. This comprehensive and pioneering system significantly enhances efficiency in such processes, placing the printing plant at the forefront of the printing market. [PRESS RELEASE]

WAN-IFRA and DistriPress announce strategic merger to strengthen the industry leadership

2024-06-07. WAN-IFRA and DistriPress are thrilled to announce their strategic merger in a landmark move poised to reshape the industry landscape. This union combines both associations’ strengths and resources and drives innovative initiatives within the industry.

Spain’s Relevo boosts homepage engagement by a third with AI-driven coding

2024-06-05. Relevo, a Spanish sports news site targeting Gen Z and Millennials, developed the “slick” metric (swipes + clicks) to measure engagement, using AI to create tools for analysing headline lengths, which boosted engagement significantly.