Wanted: Media partners for global content-sharing network

2023-01-21. A new collaborative venture is going global, inviting English and Spanish media partners to join a network of trusted outlets and share human interest stories with new audiences.

New WAN-IFRA report on reader revenue: 10 cases of best-practice

2023-01-25. For many news organisations today, their North Star is to reach that point when digital revenue accounts for the largest share of their income. Ideally, at least in most cases, a heavy dose of that comes from digital subscriptions: recurring revenue that paves the way for a more sustainable business.

At The Seattle Times, 70 percent of revenue now comes from readers

2023-01-25. “You can have the most sophisticated funnel, the best retention tools on the planet, spend a fortune on your tech stack, but if your content is bad, if you’ve gutted your newsroom, if you’re publishing two or three local stories a day, I say save your money on all your retention efforts because you’re still going to fail,” says Alan Fisco, President of The Seattle Times.

UNESCO: Killings of journalists up 50% in 2022, half targeted off duty

2023-01-18. Eighty-six journalists and media workers were killed around the world in 2022 – one every four days, according to UNESCO data – highlighting the grave risks and vulnerabilities that journalists face in the course of their work.

Rappler and Maria Ressa acquitted of tax evasion

2023-01-18. Charged with four counts of “alleged wilful and unlawful failure to supply correct and accurate information” in relation to investments and tax filings dating from 2015, Rappler and Maria Ressa were finally acquitted on Wednesday in a verdict handed down by the Philippine Court of Tax Appeals.

Chris Janz: Amid challenging climate, now is the time to focus on your core

2023-01-17. “I fear some publishers are being distracted by emerging businesses that at best won’t offset a lack of focus on the core business and at worst will distract their leadership teams from a burning platform.” That is from Chris Janz, the former head of digital strategy at Nine in Australia who doesn’t mince words about the upcoming challenges facing publishers.

How the Star Tribune aims to retain its 100,000 digital subscribers

2023-01-12. “Our goal is to discuss retention as often as we discuss acquisition,” says Toby Collodora, Senior Manager of Retention and Engagement for the US-based Star Tribune.

David Walmsley: ‘If they don’t pay for your work, it’s because it has no value’

2023-01-11. The Northern Irish journalist, who trained as a reporter during the Troubles in Belfast, edits the most influential newspaper in Canada.

Passing of a newspaper ambassador

2023-01-11. Former IFRA Nordic Board Chairman Örn Jóhannsson passed away in December. Johannsson was previously the managing director of Morgunbladid newspaper in Reykjavik, Iceland.

A Pact Against Disinformation

2023-01-10. The attack against Brazilian democracy that the world witnessed on Sunday, 8 January, when a horde of fanatics invaded and plundered the headquarters of the three powers in Brasília was not an event sprouted by spontaneous generation. The thousands of rioters who marched into the heart of Brazilian democracy with the intention of strangling it represent the tip of a phenomenon of global extension that threatens the very stability of the planet, writes Marcelo Rech.