World Press Trends Outlook: publishers face the future with optimism

2022-05-06. Our newly released report shows news publishers feel confident about tackling the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and that some of their early pandemic-era pivots are beginning to pay dividends.

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How India’s Deccan Herald increased monthly users by 10 percent

2022-05-06. “From November through January our website’s monthly active users gradually increased by around 10 percent. Our website sessions have also seen an increase of around 20 percent within this three month span,” said Riya Chakraborty, Manager – Data & User Engagement, The Printers Mysore, which publishes India’s Deccan Herald, among other news brands. 

Indonesia: Where the advertising business model for media still works

2022-05-05. While media in many countries are ceding the battle for advertising revenue to platforms like Google and Facebook, some of the world’s most populated countries are taking a different direction, and going head to head with the giants. This case study on IDN Media is drawn from a collection of inspiring initiatives on ensuring media visibility, written by Larry Kilman for UNESCO.

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India’s ABP Digital focuses on engagement as it ramps up reader revenue journey

2022-04-29. In 2021, executives at India’s ABP Digital, publishers of among others, decided to begin moving the company towards a business model based on reader revenue.

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How India’s The Print grew engagement by nearly 40 percent

2022-04-20. “Our website engagement from the period of 29th October to mid-February grew by 37.7 percent,” said Utsah Kohli, Head of Strategy & Execution, The Print, recently of one of the company’s big successes during its participation in a Digital Subscription Bootcamp.

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Sally Pirri: ‘Our print product is an important part of The Globe and Mail brand’

2022-04-13. We continue our series of interviews with leading industry experts with Sally Pirri, Vice President of Print Operations for The Globe and Mail in Canada. Here, she tells us about their current priorities, why they decided to outsource the printing of their newspapers and why the print version of The Globe and Mail remains vital to them.

Oslobođenje special: The international media in besieged Sarajevo

2022-04-04. Many foreign correspondents who reported from Sarajevo during the siege view it as the most important story of their careers. Kenneth Morrison, Professor of History at De Montfort University in the UK, recalls what the experience was like, and talks about the changes that occurred in the practice of journalism. 

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How the South China Morning Post is growing digital subscriptions

2022-03-31. About 18 months ago, the South China Morning Post relaunched a digital subscription model after a several year pause. Adrian Lee, Senior Vice President of Audience Growth at SCMP in Hong Kong, joined WAN-IFRA’s Middle Eastern Media Leaders eSummit in mid-March to discuss how the new subscription model is developing and some of the lessons they have learned.

How are you using newsletters?

More and more news publishers are realising the tremendous power newsletters have to help them build engagement with their readers as well as to drive digital subscriptions. We are working on a report about newsletters and ask for your help in taking this survey to tell us how your news publishing house is using newsletters.

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Webinar highlights what European Green Deal means for printers

2022-03-24. A recent World Printers Forum webinar addressed how the European Green Deal will impact the printing industry in 2022 and beyond, focusing on areas that range from the sourcing of raw materials to the placing of the end product on the market.