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How a topic-based newsletter is helping The Salt Lake Tribune drive revenue

2021-11-17. Newsletters offer great potential for helping news publishers at every stage of the subscription funnel, but it’s important to know what kinds of newsletters work best at which stages and develop them accordingly, says Lauren Gustus, Executive Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune.

What should a CMS look like today?

2021-11-17. Content Management Systems used to be relatively straightforward affairs, but as modern newsrooms publish a wider variety of forms of content (audio, video, text, images) across a wider range of internal and external platforms and devices, the demands on the modern CMS have grown exponentially. In a new report, we asked publishers for their perspectives. This is what Mediahuis CIO Koen Vandaele told us they want.

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The six ‘P’s of successful printing plants

2021-11-16. While printed newspapers have declined steadily in much of the world, printed news products do still have a future and well managed printing plants will endure, says Paul Huybrechts, Managing Director of Coldset Partners, the printing division of Mediahuis Belgium.

Six highlights from the 2022 Innovation in News Media World Report

2021-11-12. The latest edition of the annual Innovation in News Media World Report will be officially released at the WAN-IFRA Virtual World News Media Congress between 29 November and 2 December 2021.

Seis tendencias para los medios de noticias en 2022

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How a German news publisher doubled its digital subscribers in a year

2021-10-29. As reader revenue becomes vital to news publishers around the world, the value of addressing specific audiences rather than general ones is increasingly clear.

France’s Rossel La Voix maximises reader revenue with a better subscription management system

2021-10-28. Groupe Rossel La Voix, one of France’s leading media groups, took the strategic decision in 2021 to unify their subscription management system into a single one. | Sponsored Content

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How Spain’s El Confidencial gained 30k subscribers in a year

2021-10-14. El Confidencial, one of the biggest pure digital news players in Spain, started charging readers for its content only recently, in 2020. While it may seem a little late to publishers in other parts of the world, reader revenue and digital subscriptions have only become a major topic of conversation in Spain in the past couple of years.

Maximising business opportunities with first-party data

2021-10-13. When it comes to first-party data strategy, the ongoing discussions are no longer about whether publishers should have it, but how they can develop their own strategy to regain control of identity.

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Mediahuis’ plan to create a fully data-driven customer journey

2021-10-13. With news organisations increasingly focusing on their digital subscription business, finding ways to improve acquisition and retention of subscribers has become key. Seeking to achieve this in a personalised and efficient manner, Mediahuis is aiming to implement a fully data-driven customer journey. Here’s how they are doing it.