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Schibsted: new automation tools streamline print and audio production

2022-05-11. Implementing an automated print layout workflow and launching a text-to-speech feature have brought new efficiencies and freed newsroom resources for the Nordic publisher.

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How The Guardian and AFP used machine learning to understand quotes

2022-05-11. Quotes have always been used in news articles to bring life to a story and, more importantly, to add authenticity, accuracy and balance. Data scientists at The Guardian and Agence France-Presse (AFP) have found a way to give quotes a life of their own and to ensure that the accuracy and attribution of the sources are ironclad – thanks in part to AI.

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How India’s Deccan Herald increased monthly users by 10 percent

2022-05-06. “From November through January our website’s monthly active users gradually increased by around 10 percent. Our website sessions have also seen an increase of around 20 percent within this three month span,” said Riya Chakraborty, Manager – Data & User Engagement, The Printers Mysore, which publishes India’s Deccan Herald, among other news brands. 

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Here’s how well The Atlantic understands its audience

2022-05-05. “We have talked to thousands of current, prospective and cancelled subscribers. We know that when it comes to topics of great interest that are more genre specific, the audience is well served. We are still a general interest news magazine, but there are a few things that set us apart from our competitive set,” says Emily Goligoski, Executive Director, Audience Research, for The Atlantic.

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For many editors, the hybrid newsroom is here to stay

2022-05-05. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns forced many news organisations to move to remote working. More than two years in, WAN-IFRA surveyed a range of editors and newsroom executives to find out what their work arrangements in the newsroom currently look like, and what changes they are planning to implement in the future.

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News leaders share how they’re experimenting with TikTok

2022-05-05. As one of the most popular social media apps among Gen Z, TikTok is drawing in news organisations aiming to boost brand awareness and unlock younger demographics.

#BehindTheHeadlines: How The Quint helped give a voice to some of India’s COVID Orphans

2022-05-05. In the build-up to this year’s World News Day on 28 September, a global campaign by the World Editors Forum and Canadian Journalism Foundation o show journalism makes a difference, we will be going #BehindTheHeadlines to highlight stories, like this one from The Quint, India, that have had a significant social impact.

How are news organisations adjusting as pandemic restrictions ease?

2022-04-29. Many countries may have relaxed their pandemic restriction, but a return to the newsroom full-time, at least for the time being, doesn’t seem on the cards for many organisations. Still, there is much to be said about the benefits of a physical space to collaborate, brainstorm, and break news.

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India’s ABP Digital focuses on engagement as it ramps up reader revenue journey

2022-04-29. In 2021, executives at India’s ABP Digital, publishers of among others, decided to begin moving the company towards a business model based on reader revenue.

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How taps regional audiences in India through video

2022-04-26. People Like Us Create ( is a start-to-finish creator economy system where creators are equipped with the required technology, resources and platforms to produce, market and monetise content in a factual, fact-checked manner that launched about four and a half years ago.