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How The Guardian and AFP used machine learning to understand quotes

2022-05-11. Quotes have always been used in news articles to bring life to a story and, more importantly, to add authenticity, accuracy and balance. Data scientists at The Guardian and Agence France-Presse (AFP) have found a way to give quotes a life of their own and to ensure that the accuracy and attribution of the sources are ironclad – thanks in part to AI.

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For many editors, the hybrid newsroom is here to stay

2022-05-05. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns forced many news organisations to move to remote working. More than two years in, WAN-IFRA surveyed a range of editors and newsroom executives to find out what their work arrangements in the newsroom currently look like, and what changes they are planning to implement in the future.

How VG, Ouest-France and Archant are managing hybrid working

2022-04-29. Many countries may have relaxed their pandemic restriction, but a return to the newsroom full-time, at least for the time being, doesn’t seem on the cards for many organisations. Still, there is much to be said about the benefits of a physical space to collaborate, brainstorm, and break news.

Stars4Media NEWS call for projects launched

2022-04-21. Does your media organisation need business or newsroom transformation? Do you want to exchange best practices with other media and top experts, gain international experience and benefit from high impact transformation to spread in your media company? Stars4Media NEWS is welcoming submissions.

FASTlab: a new hub for creative and transdisciplinary innovation and creation

2022-02-28. Paul Egglestone, Head of the School of Creative Industries in the College of Human and Social Futures at the University of Newcastle, describes FASTlab, a new hub for creative and transdisciplinary innovation and creation.

News media and environmental sustainability: What’s next for ‘green media’?

2022-01-17. News publishers report on climate change with an increased focus – but how does the industry approach its own environmental sustainability? The French press has reduced its ecological impact significantly over the last few years, thanks to a mix of regulations and voluntary commitments. Meanwhile, Schibsted’s approach to sustainability can help individual publishers with decreasing their emissions.

AI in the newsroom: why metadata should be the focus point

2021-12-21. Artificial Intelligence is becoming an important part of many industries, but how should journalists and publishers understand it? Christopher Brennan, co-founder of, spoke with researcher Carl-Gustav Lindén about why metadata, rather than automation, makes more sense as a focus.

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How external products helped JP/Politikens Hus run a successful distribution service

2021-12-21. In Denmark, publisher-owned distributors disseminate more than 99 percent of newspapers. With the impending merger of distribution companies Bladkompagniet and DAO, Danish publisher JP/Politikens Hus is set to become the majority shareholder in the merged entity.

Extreme collaboration brings success for Argentina’s RED/ACCIÓN

2021-12-06. Chani Guyot, founder and director of Argentina’s RED/ACCIÓN, shares how trust, a convergence of purpose, transparency, and an agreement on goals and impact is helping the startup punch above its weight.

Der Tagesspiegel: interdisciplinary and audience-engaged innovation

2021-10-21. Der Tagesspiegel’s Innovation Lab is a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration – producing projects spanning sensor journalism, data visualisation and interactive, immersive storytelling.