Ugandan editor finds seven lessons for transformation when exploring Zambia’s media resilience

2023-09-12. A cross-border benchmarking project by WAN-IFRA Women in News explored Zambia’s media industry, and found it resilient and adaptable – but not without challenges.

Returns on equity: The untapped potential of gender journalism

2023-07-21. Media organisations should reflect the world around them, in their content and in their newsrooms. But if that’s not a good reason to invest in gender journalism, perhaps an industry boost of $11 billion could help close the gender news consumption gap, say panellists at WAN-IFRA’s World News Media Congress.

The frustrating challenge of advancing women in news

2023-07-13. We tracked content and trained media partners on tactics to track and improve gender balance in content for more than three years. It didn’t work. Where do we go from here?

Ringier leans on 5R framework to drive growth

2023-07-12. Swiss company Ringier’s media brands achieve growth by intentionally repositioning themselves using the 5R framework and consistently monitoring the conversion funnel. Ladina Heimgartner, Head of Global Media and CEO of the Blick Group – Member of the Ringier Executive Board, shared Ringier’s growth strategy during World News Media Congress 2023 in Taipei.

News as music: Schibsted explores AI-based innovation to attract GenZ

2023-07-11. “It’s important we regularly talk to our GenZ audiences – that we don’t talk about them, but with them. We’re not nice for talking to them, they’re nice for talking with us.” This is the principle that IN/LAB runs on while dismantling traditional forms of news media production and consumption.

What are the pros and cons of using Artificial Intelligence in your newsroom?

2023-06-27. Lyndsey Jones, publishing consultant, digital transformation expert, strategic advisor and coach, shares her views about how to navigate an AI world where there is likely to be a further explosion of content creation in an overcrowded market.

Exceptional Editors from Botswana, Jordan and the Philippines receive the 2023 WAN-IFRA Women in News Editorial Leadership Award

2023-06-27. Emang Mutapati, editor-in-chief of The Voice in Botswana, has been named 2023 Laureate for Africa; Lina Ejeilat, co-founder and editor-in-chief of 7iber in Jordan, has been named 2023 Laureate for the Arab Region; and Glenda Gloria, the executive editor and co-founder of Rappler in The Philippines, has been named 2023 Laureate for Southeast Asia.

4 lessons from 4 years as an Impact Editor – and why your newsroom needs one

2023-06-07. “Information is power; let’s really harness that power” – The Bureau’s Miriam Wells goes beyond the metrics to measure the social value of journalism – with resounding impact.

I’m an Afghan woman journalist who moved to Australia after the Taliban took over – this is my story

2023-05-11. 15 August 2021 is engraved in the minds of millions of Afghans. I had no idea it would be my last day as a journalist in Afghanistan, writes Beheshta Ayoubi.

Media organisations condemn former South African president’s SLAPP suit against political journalist

2023-03-30. The increasing legal intimidation of journalists worldwide is highlighted by WAN-IFRA’s new World Press Trends Outlook. A case before South African courts right now, brought by former President Jacob Zuma against News24 journalist Karyn Maughan, illustrates the efforts those in power will go to to silence and intimidate.