How Canada’s Globe and Mail handled distribution issues during COVID-19

2020-11-17. One of the main challenges for newspapers during the COVID-19 crisis was logistics and distribution. With travel restrictions in place and staff not turning up for work, the last mile delivery system of several dailies was affected. However, in no time, publishers rose to the situation and brought in place measures to address the challenges. Similar was the case at Globe and Mail, Canada.

Winners of WAN-IFRA’s International Color Quality Club 2020-2022 Announced

2020-11-17. WAN-IFRA announces today the winners of the International Color Quality Club 2020–2022 contest (ICQC). Together 54 newspapers and magazines have achieved membership in the ICQC for two years.

Winners of WAN-IFRA’s Print Innovation Awards announced

2020-11-10. WAN-IFRA announced the winners of its third edition of Print Innovation Awards during the recent World Printers Summit.

Tribute to Boris Fuchs

Boris Fuchs, our dear friend and former colleague at WAN-IFRA, passed away this past week at the age of 87. The impact of his contributions on our industry and WAN-IFRA cannot be overstated. More importantly, the same can be said of the impact that his open, friendly nature had on his colleagues, family and friends.

Webinar takeaways: What is next in newspaper production? Cases from Belgium and Australia

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many challenges to newspapers and their production operations.

Webinar takeaways: How Times Group has been handling print production during COVID-19

Snehasis Roy, Technical Director of India’s Times Group, recently joined us for a WAN-IFRA Webinar to discuss how the publishing house has been affected by COVID-19 and the measures they are undertaking to try to cope with the crisis.

Webinar takeaways: How Singapore Press Holdings, NYT reorganised their print production

The COVID-19 crisis has forced newspaper publishers to make changes to how they operate their print production. Most have adopted preventive measures to ensure continuous production and distribution of newspapers

COVID-19: Indian publishers promote safety of print newspapers

Despite rumours of printed newspapers being a carrier of COVID-19, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently confirmed that newspapers are safe to read during the pandemic.

Webinar takeaways: Newsprint and COVID-19

There is good news for news publishers: Contrary to rumor, it is extremely unlikely that readers will catch the coronavirus from printed newspapers, and the newsprint supply chain remains in good shape. Those were the two main points emerging from last Wednesday’s WAN-IFRA Webinar with Dr. Rick Stunt, Group Paper Director at dmg-Media in London.

Webinar takeaways: Newspaper production in the time of COVID-19

In times of crisis such as the present, experiences and lessons learned are especially valuable, as demonstrated by strong attendance at last Wednesday’s WAN-IFRA Webinar.