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Schibsted: new automation tools streamline print and audio production

2022-05-11. Implementing an automated print layout workflow and launching a text-to-speech feature have brought new efficiencies and freed newsroom resources for the Nordic publisher.

An homage to Manfred Werfel: ‘We just lost a true friend’

2022-05-05. WAN-IFRA lost a big part of its family this week when Manfred Werfel, the association’s former Deputy CEO and Director of the World Printers Forum, passed away. He was 68. Industry friends and colleagues pay homage to Manfred in this article, and you have a chance to do so as well.

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Sally Pirri: ‘Our print product is an important part of The Globe and Mail brand’

2022-04-13. We continue our series of interviews with leading industry experts with Sally Pirri, Vice President of Print Operations for The Globe and Mail in Canada. Here, she tells us about their current priorities, why they decided to outsource the printing of their newspapers and why the print version of The Globe and Mail remains vital to them.

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Webinar highlights what European Green Deal means for printers

2022-03-24. A recent World Printers Forum webinar addressed how the European Green Deal will impact the printing industry in 2022 and beyond, focusing on areas that range from the sourcing of raw materials to the placing of the end product on the market.

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Potsdam’s Matthias Voß: ‘Printed newspapers will continue to exist’

2022-03-23. After more than 30 years in the industry, Matthias Voß retired as Head of Printing at Pressedruck Potsdam GmbH at the end of February. In this interview, he shares his insights about the major production changes of recent decades as well as how he sees regional newspapers in Germany developing in the years to come.

Printers Forum Outlook report: Cautious optimism for 2022

2022-03-16. After a year of big challenges in 2020, newspapers’ printing operations bounced back in 2021 and are optimistic about this year’s business, according to the World Printers Forum Outlook 2021-22 report, just published by WAN-IFRA.

WAN-IFRA’s International Color Quality Club contest open for registration

2022-03-02. WAN-IFRA’s World Printers Forum announced today that registration for the International Color Quality Club (ICQC) 2022–2024 is open. The ICQC is the global print quality contest for newspapers and magazines.

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FAZ’s Gierth: ‘We see print as an important part of our core business’

2022-02-15. With the most recent edition of our World Printers Forum newsletter, we introduced a new series of interviews. Our first is with Andreas Gierth, Head of Production and Strategic Procurement at Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, who talks to us about why they decided to outsource their printing, how they maintain high quality standards and how he sees the future of print.

News media and environmental sustainability: What’s next for ‘green media’?

2022-01-17. News publishers report on climate change with an increased focus – but how does the industry approach its own environmental sustainability? The French press has reduced its ecological impact significantly over the last few years, thanks to a mix of regulations and voluntary commitments. Meanwhile, Schibsted’s approach to sustainability can help individual publishers with decreasing their emissions.

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How external products helped JP/Politikens Hus run a successful distribution service

2021-12-21. In Denmark, publisher-owned distributors disseminate more than 99 percent of newspapers. With the impending merger of distribution companies Bladkompagniet and DAO, Danish publisher JP/Politikens Hus is set to become the majority shareholder in the merged entity.