WAN-IFRA Women in News Expands In Southeast Asia With Launch In The Philippines

2021-09-06. WAN-IFRA’s Women in News (WIN) programme announces its expansion in Southeast Asia. The programme brings its one-of-a-kind career training for women journalists and editors to the Philippines, following successful launches of the Leadership Accelerator in Vietnam and Myanmar last year.

Not just gender: Findings from BBC’s 50:50 Project on ethnicity, disability inclusion

2021-07-30. The BBC 50:50 Equality Project uses data-driven methodology to monitor content and fundamentally shift the representation of women within the media industry and in news coverage.

New research shows extent of sexual harassment in African Media

2021-07-06. One in two women has suffered sexual harassment in the workplace in Africa. One in two. Allow that to sink in – and then consider that only 30 per cent of these cases are reported.

The 7.4% Challenge – tips for addressing the gender imbalance in German local media and beyond

2021-07-02. It’s hard to sugar coat this fact: in a 2019 survey of 108 editors-in-chief in German regional media, only 8 were women, or to put it another way, 7.4%. A session at the recent Newsroom Summit delved into this issue.

Switzerland’s Ringier uses AI for gender-equal reportage

2021-06-28. Media houses throughout the world are finding they are not representing enough diverse voices in their content coverage and in newsrooms. A whopping 82 percent of the global media coverage is about men, according to the Global Media Monitoring Project.

Viable, diverse, stable and safe – is this really too much for media to ask?

Viability, diversity, stability and safety are essential ingredients of any healthy information eco-system. How many media worldwide can say yes to all four? How far are individual professionals, news organisations, and the industry as a whole from achieving these? And at this time of global anxiety, economic turmoil, and future uncertainty, is it crazy to be aiming for them in the first place?

WAN-IFRA announces major partnership with Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2021-04-19. WAN-IFRA expands its media freedom activities in seven countries throughout East Central Africa and Southeast Asia, thanks to a 2-year renewed partnership of NOK10,000,000 (€1,000,000) with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme, titled ‘Strengthening Independent Media’, will focus on the three core themes of gender equality, safety, and stability.

#NoEsHoraDeCallar: World’s Press Condemns Colombian Government’s Sabotage of Inter-American Court Hearing on Journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima

2021-03-19. WAN-IFRA has denounced the Colombian government’s walkout during the first day of a virtual public hearing at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (I/A Court HR) that was due to determine the level of state responsibility for the 2000 abduction, rape, and torture of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima.

Why is the media so afraid to talk about sexual harassment?

International Women’s Day presents an opportunity for us to think about gender equality and the long and often frustrating march toward societies that are truly equal.

Lakshmi Chaudhry on how upstart Splainer grabs a niche – and subscribers

Lakshmi Chaudhry is the founder of India’s Splainer, which she dubs Newsletter 2.0. She talks to WAN-IFRA about what goes into launching a business in the middle of a pandemic, the employed content strategy and fighting news fatigue.