Reinventing the Newsroom for the New Normal

2020-09-02. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the media landscape has seen a lot of changes and disruptions; from having to set up virtual newsrooms, to ceasing print editions, and adapting to the audience’s new appetite for health and science coverage.

WAN-IFRA Women in News Launches Study on Sexual Harassment in the Media Industry – Africa to be focus of first phase of study

2020-08-17. Nairobi, Kenya – WAN-IFRA Women in News and City University of London are conducting a major research study into sexual harassment in the media workplace in select countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab Region and Southeast Asia. This study builds on research done in 2018 which identified a gap in available data on sexual harassment in media specifically in these regions.

WAN-IFRA Women in News Leadership Accelerator launches in Vietnam

2020-08-07. WAN-IFRA Women in News (WIN) Leadership Accelerator programme kicks off in Vietnam. The 2-month long (August-September 2020) career training for women journalists and editors will include sessions on career development, media management, and gender balance in content. With COVID-19 changing the way news organizations operate, the programme will help women journalists acquire new skills and build their capacity for more successful careers.

WINner’s View: Ethnocentrism, Xenophobia and Racism: Same Difference?

2020-08-04. How do we support the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, when we are comfortable watching our societies perpetrating xenophobic acts against our own African brothers and sisters?

WINner’s view: Edyth Kambalame – “Women journalists must aim to make a difference”

2020-07-21. Women in News’ Leah Mushi asked Edyth Kambalame, interim president of the Association for Women in Media (Awome) in Malawi and deputy editor at The Nation, to share her views on the growing global pressure, particularly on young journalists on social media, to take a stand on the issues of our time, and use their profile and voice to try to effect social change. It is a trend that challenges the traditional view of a journalist as a neutral observer.

WINner’s view: Ruth Atim, Uganda on online violence against women and girls

2020-07-08. Anyone using the internet should take necessary precautions. Here are some tips to help protect yourself against cybercrime and online harassment.

Journalists: observers or campaigners for change?

2020-07-08. When it is okay for a journalist to take a personal stand on an issue they are writing about? Western newsrooms are grappling with this question as journalists come under social media pressure to support some significant issues of 2020, such as #GenderBasedViolence, which has surged during COVID-19 lockdowns, #BlackLivesMatter and #ClimateChange.

WINner’s view: COVID-19, a setback for women journalists in Uganda

2020-06-24. Uganda, already grappling with high long-term unemployment, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and an estimated 750,000 Ugandans have so far lost their jobs, according to the Finance Ministry. The crisis has not spared the young media industry either, with women journalists particularly affected, writes Gloria Laker Adiiki Aciro.

FT Editor Roula Khalaf on working remotely, gender diversity and the story they have to own

17-06-2020. In a wide-ranging conversation touching on many major newsroom topics, Roula Khalaf, the Editor of the Financial Times, told Jane Barrett of Reuters, and the global online audience for WAN-IFRA’s World Media Leaders eSummit, how the FT has been navigating the pandemic, how it continues to innovate, and the story it needs to own.

27 women journalists from Egypt complete Women in News’ Media Management Training

13-06-2020. “The training exceeded my expectations. The diversity of trainers and sessions was very beneficial, and it helped us build a lot of capacity, mainly how to be leaders of a newsroom, not only managers,” says Hagar Gamil, Radio El Nil, one of the 27 women journalists from Egypt who completed the WAN-IFRA Women in News Leadership Accelerator Media Management Training this week.