France’s Rossel La Voix maximises reader revenue with a better subscription management system

2021-10-28. Groupe Rossel La Voix, one of France’s leading media groups, took the strategic decision in 2021 to unify their subscription management system into a single one. | Sponsored Content

Apply Now For Women in News Leadership Accelerator In Vietnam

2021-10-27. This intensive three-month-long career and leadership programme is open to women journalists and editors working in Vietnam.

Digital ABC: The Ultimate Playbook In Tackling Media Disruption

2021-10-27. Early this month, the WAN-IFRA’s Women In News programme launched the second module of its unique training course, Digital ABC. This essential three-module guide is aimed at helping media managers and journalists confront the disruption in traditional media, and build and operationalise strategies to manage the transition to digital.

The news industry needs to do more to make women feel supported, believed and safe

2021-10-22. There are many ways to support journalists who suffer harassment and gendered abuse while doing their jobs. Hannah Storm offers some suggestions.

Malawi Media Freedom Committee officially launched

2021-10-19. The launch of the Malawi Media Freedom Committee (MFC) underlines the importance of a free press in holding power to account.

IACHR finds Colombia responsible in Jineth Bedoya case

2021-10-19. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) has ruled the Colombian state responsible for the abduction, rape, and torture of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima in 2000, ordering the Colombian government to investigate, prosecute and punish those responsible

Blasting News joins WAN IFRA Afghan Journalist Appeal

2021-10-19. Blasting News will fund a dedicated vertical channel with articles written by resettled Afghan journalists.

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How Spain’s El Confidencial gained 30k subscribers in a year

2021-10-14. El Confidencial, one of the biggest pure digital news players in Spain, started charging readers for its content only recently, in 2020. While it may seem a little late to publishers in other parts of the world, reader revenue and digital subscriptions have only become a major topic of conversation in Spain in the past couple of years.

Maximising business opportunities with first-party data

2021-10-13. When it comes to first-party data strategy, the ongoing discussions are no longer about whether publishers should have it, but how they can develop their own strategy to regain control of identity.

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Mediahuis’ plan to create a fully data-driven customer journey

2021-10-13. With news organisations increasingly focusing on their digital subscription business, finding ways to improve acquisition and retention of subscribers has become key. Seeking to achieve this in a personalised and efficient manner, Mediahuis is aiming to implement a fully data-driven customer journey. Here’s how they are doing it.

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