Brazil: Fact-checking, a core skill of news media, emerges as a business strategy

2022-05-19. Fact-checking is in the DNA of professional standards, and some media companies, like Agência Lupa in Brazil, have built an entire business on it, providing fact-checking services for numerous clients, and also teaching citizens to better scrutinise their news. This case study is drawn from a collection of inspiring initiatives on ensuring media visibility, written by Larry Kilman for UNESCO.

WAN-IFRA calls for independent, transparent investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

2022-05-13. [Official statement] Despite rejection of a criminal investigation by Israeli authorities, WAN-IFRA reiterates demands for an independent inquiry into the killing of the prominent Palestinian-American journalist, urging Israel to cooperate fully in bringing perpetrators to account.

World’s press condemns killing of Shireen Abu Akleh in Palestine

2022-05-11. [NEWS REPORT] Prominent Al Jazeera correspondent was reporting from the occupied West Bank town of Jenin when she was shot and critically wounded.

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Schibsted: new automation tools streamline print and audio production

2022-05-11. Implementing an automated print layout workflow and launching a text-to-speech feature have brought new efficiencies and freed newsroom resources for the Nordic publisher.

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How The Guardian and AFP used machine learning to understand quotes

2022-05-11. Quotes have always been used in news articles to bring life to a story and, more importantly, to add authenticity, accuracy and balance. Data scientists at The Guardian and Agence France-Presse (AFP) have found a way to give quotes a life of their own and to ensure that the accuracy and attribution of the sources are ironclad – thanks in part to AI.

180 Women, 10 Countries: WIN Wraps Up The First Round Of Leadership Accelerator Hubs In Africa

2022-05-10. On 5 May 2022, WAN-IFRA Women in News concluded the first round of Leadership Accelerator hubs in Africa. The six, two-day sessions were held over two months with more than 180 journalists and editors from 10 African countries.

Q&A: ‘News orgs are in danger of being culturally left behind when it comes to mental health’

2022-05-09. Amid a lot of talk about sustainability of media organisations, what of the ability of your journalists to keep going? Cătălina Albeanu, Digital editor at Decât o Revistă, asked John Crowley, co-founder of Headlines Network, about the conversations news organisations need to be having around mental health.

World Press Trends Outlook: publishers face the future with optimism

2022-05-06. Our newly released report shows news publishers feel confident about tackling the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and that some of their early pandemic-era pivots are beginning to pay dividends.

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How India’s Deccan Herald increased monthly users by 10 percent

2022-05-06. “From November through January our website’s monthly active users gradually increased by around 10 percent. Our website sessions have also seen an increase of around 20 percent within this three month span,” said Riya Chakraborty, Manager – Data & User Engagement, The Printers Mysore, which publishes India’s Deccan Herald, among other news brands. 

Estrategias para captar y retener suscriptores: la experiencia de Diari Ara y GFR Media

22-05-19. La directora y el director de Marketing y Ventas de Ara (España), Esther Vera y Pablo Casals, respectivamente; y la directora de marketing, audiencias y desarrollo digital de GFR Media (Puerto Rico), Joana Santiago, han compartido hoy la visión y aprendizajes de sus respectivos medios en cuanto al desarrollo de estrategias de ingresos por lector.

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