QUEST toolkits: new resources to support science journalism

2021-05-14. The collection of handbooks, checklists, guides and other materials from the QUEST project aims to help journalists writing about science improve their skillsets and expertise.

WAN-IFRA moves the World News Media Congress to 1-3 December 2021 

2021-05-12. The prospect of an easing of international travel restrictions as COVID-19 vaccinations increase has prompted WAN-IFRA to shift the dates of its World News Media Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, from 28-30 September to 1-3 December 2021

Press freedom in Africa, 30 years after Windhoek

Join us for a new season of the Media Freedom podcast, The Backstory, in which we’ll be exploring challenges facing the media across Africa.

Myanmar, UN Chief dominate World Press Freedom Day conversations

Social media monitoring shows the value of big names speaking out for press freedom.

How science journalism accelerated Süddeutsche Zeitung’s digital subscriptions

2021-05-03. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German newspaper has seen its digital subscriptions grow by over 60%. A major factor behind this increase is the publisher’s long-term commitment to quality science reporting.

Malawi Media Freedom Committee

On 3 May, World Press Freedom Day, WAN-IFRA is delighted to welcome the Malawi Media Freedom Committee into its regional and global network of media professionals – all of whom are committed to standing for quality journalism and press freedom while respecting diversity and plurality of voices.

How can AI help improve newsroom productivity?

2021-04-30. The GAMI Briefing #1 looked at how news publishers and journalists are using AI-powered solutions to work more efficiently, what kinds of issues arise when these tools are introduced in the newsroom, and what solutions exist to deal with such challenges.

Viable, diverse, stable and safe – is this really too much for media to ask?

Viability, diversity, stability and safety are essential ingredients of any healthy information eco-system. How many media worldwide can say yes to all four? How far are individual professionals, news organisations, and the industry as a whole from achieving these? And at this time of global anxiety, economic turmoil, and future uncertainty, is it crazy to be aiming for them in the first place?

Real change starts by shifting your own mindset

A new WAN-IFRA report looks at the radical steps needed to transform the culture of your media business. And ignition starts with you, suggests Dmitry Shishkin.

New Guide to Help Activate Cultural Change for News Publishers Launched

2021-04-28. WAN-IFRA publishes a new guide to help media executives initiate change in their newsrooms. The handbook summarizes key lessons shared during the Cultural Change Ignition Program for Latin American News Publishers.

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