French security bill undermines press law

2020-11-23. A new French bill raises considerable risks of infringement of several fundamental rights, in particular the right to privacy and freedom of information. Disarmed in the face of the new digital disorder, the government seems incapable of effectively regulating the violence of social networks, preferring instead to reinforce a repressive legislative arsenal.

Google News Initiative in Latin America

2020-11-20. On the occasion of a session held at Digital Media LATAM 2020, Fabiana Zanni, Cross-Google Partner Manager, News and Media & Entertainment – Brazil, together with participating media representatives, have highlighted the key results of the Google News Initiative on the Latin American

How Amedia converts women and young audiences into paid subscribers

2020-11-20. With 79 local publications, Amedia is Norway’s leading local news publishing group. The group has carried out a plan to attract young readers and women that has been remarkably successful. It has not only allowed them to increase the number of women and young people who now read the group’s newspapers but also to lead the growth in digital subscriptions.

Le Parisien doubles both digital subscribers and digital revenues in one year

2020-11-19. Le Parisien, a local newspaper covering news about Paris and the French capital’s region, has managed to double its number of digital subscribers and digital revenues in one year.

LATAM Digital Media Awards 2020 winners respond to the new demands of society

2020-11-18. One hundred twenty project teams from 11 countries and 47 companies attended the sixth edition of the LATAM Digital Media Awards on the occasion of the Digital Media LATAM 2020 conference organised by WAN-IFRA.

Emily Bell: “A good social platform would be one that encourages and rewards good journalism and is transparent”

2020-11-18. The Founder and Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, Emily Bell, outlines the relationships that should be established between media and social platforms so that they are beneficial to both parties.

Alan Rusbridger: “We cannot demand to be trusted just because we are journalists”

2020-11-18. Alan Rusbridger and Javier Moreno about the need to rebuild journalism, as we have understood it up to now, so that it can survive.

SCMP’s 10 questions for publishers launching digital subscriptions

2020-11-18. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has been reporting news about Asia and China and its impact on the world for 117 years. It recently launched a digital subscription service.

Innovación y una mentalidad operativa fuerte, claves en la transformación digital de Schibsted

2020-11-18. La Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva de Schibsted Media Division, de Noruega, Siv Juvik Tveitnes, ha ofrecido la primera conferencia del Digital Media LATAM 2020 de WAN-IFRA.

Situar al usuario en el centro, indispensable para las nuevas estrategias de producto en medios

2020-11-18. La directora editorial digital de The Washington Post, Kat Downs Mulder, y Luciana Cardoso, Directora de Producto de O Estado de São Paulo, coinciden en la necesidad de invertir tiempo en el conocimiento del lector para poder tener éxito