AnnaKarin Lith has long experience both as a media leader and a consultant in the Nordic countries. She has had, and still has, a central role in the digitalization and restructuring of Swedish and Finnish regional- and local newspapers. For many years she was responsible for transforming the editorial process in Sweden ́s largest regional-and local mediagroup Mittmedia, managing more than 600 journalists in +30 local newspapers. She later played a key role as a consultant for Bonnier News and Norwegian Amedia in the acquisition of Mittmedia. AnnaKarin Lith has been a board member of Bonniers regional newspaper group as well as the Finnish HSS Media. Her competence and leadership skills are highly valued in Sweden and Finland’s digital subscription business journey. Lith can take a seat in the boardroom or management team as well as at the news desk to create necessary change. 


Lith initiated an internal training (Future Works) in Mittmedia for  +1000 employees which was a unique combination of business development, cultural reinvention and professional development.