Caroline Englund

Head of Editorial Development, NWT Media, Sweden

Caroline Englund is head of editorial development at NWT Media, one of the biggest local mediahouses in Sweden with 16 newsrooms. 

Her department works with digital transformation together with the local newsrooms and in close collaboration with departments such as marketing, customer service and analytics.

Caroline has been in charge of NWT Media’s young audience project that started in 2021. She has also worked with the podcast NWT Krim (a podcast about local crime stories) that was awarded the prize for Best Podcast by a Newspaper in 2022 by the Swedish Media Publishers’ Association (Tidningsutgivarna). 

During the last year she has also been acting head of marketing at NWT Media and worked with increasing the number of subscribers. 

Before she came to NWT Media she worked as a business journalist at Breakit, Sveriges Radio (Swedish public service radio) and Dagens Nyheter. She has also worked with local news at Värmlands Folkblad.  

She believes in the power of news stories and that the audience is interested if the story is told and distributed in the right way.