David Tomchak

Cogency Founder and Visiting Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, UK
David is leading Cogency, a project which brings together publishers, technologist and members of the web3 community in a coalition that aims to provide practical solutions for improving revenue and trust using decentralised technologies. Partnering with Web3 Foundation the project’s focus is on the Polkadot protocol, which connects blockchains and allows value and data to be sent across previously incompatible networks. David is also a visiting policy fellow at Oxford University’s Internet Institute where his focus is on the impact of AI, ML, data and Web3 technologies. He has previously worked across the media industry and has won multiple awards for his work as a journalist, editor, product manager and publisher for a range of broadcasters and publishing titles. David also spent two years in 10 Downing Street where he was the Head of Digital and Deputy Director for the Government Communications Service for the British Government.