Devika M S

Director of Operations, Mathrubhumi.

Devika M S stands out as a dynamic and accomplished leader, who is positioned as full-time Director of Operations at Mathrubhumi. Her exceptional ability to navigate the intricacies of the ever-changing media landscape has led to the successful integration of contemporary digital strategies while honoring the rich heritage of this century-old institution, deeply rooted in Kerala’s culture.

As the youngest member of the board, Devika spearheads the revenue function across diverse platforms, including Mathrubhumi Newspaper, Mathrubhumi News Channel, Club FM, and Mathrubhumi Digital. Her strategic insight and innovative approach have been pivotal in driving growth and expanding the company’s presence.

Devika also oversees crucial aspects like circulation and Mathrubhumi Events. She demonstrates her commitment to quality education and training by leading Mathrubhumi Media School, ensuring the delivery of exceptional learning experiences.