Kathrine Hammerstad

Executive Editor for Live News and Digital Development, NRK, Norway

Kathrine is executive editor for live news and digital development in the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. She is a true digital first media executive with experience from a number of Norwegian media houses the last 20 years, including BA, VG and TV2 and the last 11 years in NRK. Here she has been working with digital news both as reporter and in various leader positions such as desk editor, deputy news editor, executive front page editor and now as head of live news and digital transformation of the newsroom and news story telling. She also established NRKs first editorial climate change group, working with climate related news topics.

NRK has a rich, long and proud story as a radio and TV broadcaster. The million-dollar question in such a news room is how to merge this with today’s new ideas, insights and possibilities to maximize the digital potential and loyalty, and reach a younger audience. Kathrine’s work with these issues ranges from the strategic, organizational, cultural and operational level. She truly believes in the magic of making strategy into actual action through clear measures, endurance and responsibility, and has held several presentations for other leaders in NRK to inspire them in this important work.

During the pandemic, she led the re-organization of the breaking news department in NRK, introducing new multimedial live news products, units, roles, structures to meet new standards for more efficient and digital news consumption and adapting new habits in the audience. Along with this work comes many years of working with raising the reporters and leaders’ digital competence and motivation, finding their best version of themselves and the great possibilities in the modern digital newsroom.

In 2022, working as an executive editor for the front page www.nrk.no, she initiated a big project involving all content genres all over NRK, to build a common understanding for success criterias for NRKs webpage, going in a more visual and audio based and less text driven direction to attract a younger and more loyal audience.

Kathrine has also been working together with other collegues in NRK to raise the awareness and importance of constructive journalism. After three years with an extraordinary news picture where the war in Ukraine relieved two years of covid and lockdown, the audience – especially the younger ones – is heading in a direction of news reluctance. It’s an important responsibility for a national broadcaster to counteract this with high quality constructive and solution-oriented journalism.

Kathrine’s mantra after the exceptional last three years has become that what seems unthinkable one day, is reality the next day. And that must be our guidance while building next day’s newsroom.