Lin Yi Chun

Senior Curator, , TAIWAN

Lin Yi Chun is a seasoned curator at the United Daily News with over 30 years of dedicated service. He brings a unique perspective, having been stationed in Singapore and Bangkok, which provided him firsthand insights into the transformative changes in Southeast Asia.

Lin Yi Chun’s role extends beyond traditional editorial responsibilities. He serves as a crucial link between the News Department and the Data Development Department (DDD), playing a pivotal role in the smooth operation of the UDN Curate X Program. This program utilizes datadriven
insights, enhancing the newsroom’s adaptability to the evolving media landscape.

His involvement in the UDN Curate X Program ensures effective communication and coordination between the news and data teams, resulting in valuable outcomes. Lin Yi Chun’s expertise in curating content and integrating data-driven strategies has significantly improved the
quality and relevance of the publication’s offerings, particularly in paid subscription content.

Lin Yi Chun’s innovative recommendations guide the publication’s content strategy, aligning it with reader preferences. His forward-thinking and adaptability have been making contributions to United Daily News’ evolution in the digital age.