Mats Grimsæth 

Photographer and Explorer, Norway

At just 15 years old, Mats started his journey as a photographer for the local newspaper in Larvik. He had a police radio in his ear, a camera backpack on his back, and rode his bicycle around, covering all the action. Mats seized every opportunity to acquire more knowledge as a photographer, often devoting his time away from school to pursue his passion.

By the age of 17, he had completed his first assignment for Red Bull Norway, and at 18, he participated in the Red Bull Photographers Academy. Upon returning to Norway, Mats began to chase his dream of working as a freelance photographer from his sailboat along the Norwegian coastline.

At just 22 years old, Mats became the youngest expedition leader to circumnavigate Spitsbergen in the high Arctic. He had been exploring the Norwegian coastline and the remote Arctic waters for years. Through his photography, he shares breathtaking moments from the wilderness and stories from various individuals.