Ren Hao Pan

Founder, La Vida Tec Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Professor Pan, a former assistant professor at Yuan Ze University’s Innovation Center for Big Data and Digital Convergence, is an esteemed expert in data science and digital healthcare convergence. With a focus on improving local healthcare environments and enhancing digital capabilities, he executed impactful digital humanitarian aid projects in Central and South America, as well as Africa. His dedication led to the establishment of WaCare Telehealth in 2017, a startup aimed at addressing social inequality and minimizing pandemic impact through digital health solutions. He successfully implemented remote digital health services and a smart healthcare social network, benefiting 500 rural communities across 16 counties and cities in Taiwan. During the Covid-19 pandemic, WaCare online health activities engaged elderly individuals over 400,000 instances of online participation, mitigating the outbreak’s impact. Renowned for his expertise in leveraging technology for societal benefit, Professor Pan’s innovative approach and passion for social good have positioned him as a leading figure in digital health. His research and initiatives not only advance knowledge but also improve well-being, addressing health inequalities and making significant contributions to academia and society.

About WaCare Telehealth:
WaCare Telehealth is a data-driven digital healthcare social network platform that applies data science, social computing and AI inference technology to empower individuals in home, community, rural, and healthcare settings. By integrating vast amounts of heterogeneous data, including personal medical records, environmental data, government open data, and wearable device data, it establishes personalized health behavior intervention models to prevent risks and promote health. With a successful expansion to over 500 rural communities in 16 counties across Taiwan, it has enabled over 400,000 instances of online participation by elderly individuals in digital health promotion activities during the pandemic, addressing challenges faced by this age group. Moreover, the platform fosters a digital health community that includes dementia caregivers, long-term care service providers, elderly individuals, and parents of children receiving early autism intervention. Over 60,000 family caregivers actively participate, utilizing digital online interactive modes to resolve caregiving issues and acquire essential skills. WaCare excels in its data-driven approach, leveraging advanced technologies to revolutionize remote healthcare and enhance the well-being of diverse populations.