WAN-IFRA Media Freedom Board Code of Ethics

Given its mission, WAN-IFRA has adopted a Code of Ethics to guide members of its Media Freedom Board, which holds an oversight function of WAN-IFRA’s media freedom activities. The Code contains broad principles reflecting the types of behavior WAN-IFRA expects towards constituents, donors, employees, peers and the public.

This policy is not intended as a stand-alone policy. It does not embody the totality of the WAN-IFRA’s ethical standards, nor does it answer every ethical question or issue that might arise. Rather, it is one element of a broader effort to create and maintain a quality organization that gives ethical conduct the highest priority.

This Code will be reviewed periodically.

Members of the Media Freedom Board should:

  1. Listen to our stakeholders and make all reasonable efforts to satisfy their needs and concerns within the scope of our Mission, and to strive for excellence and innovation and demonstrate professional respect and responsiveness to donors, members and constituents.
  2. Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about WAN-IFRA, its donors, members, constituents, and employees/consultants.
  3. Provide credible and effective oversight to WAN-IFRA’s Media Freedom work without personal bias.
  4. Not accept commissions, gifts, payments, loans, promises of future benefits or other items of value from anyone who has or may seek some benefit from WAN-IFRA FR in return, other than occasional gifts of nominal value that are in keeping with good business ethics.
  5. Abide by the governing documents and policies of WAN-IFRA.
  6. Be accountable for adhering to this Code of Ethics, as well as WAN-IFRA’s Anti-Corruption and Whistle Blower Protection Policies.
  7. Be aware of, and on all occasions avoid to the best of our ability, conflict of interest.
  8. Act at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in the best interest of the WAN-IFRA, its donors, members, constituents, and reputation.

Definition of Conflict of Interest:

A conflict of interest is a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her role as a member of the WAN-IFRA Media Freedom Board.

“Private or personal interest” refers to an individual’s self-interest (e.g. to achieve financial profit or avoid loss, or to gain another special advantage or avoid a disadvantage); the interests of the individual’s immediate family or business partners; or the interests of another organization in which the individual holds a position (voluntary or paid).

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