31 May 2023 - 16 June 2023

AI in Video Production

Learn the new world of digital journalism


    Day 1, (31st May 2023) 1. Introduction to A.I. in video production.

    • Some startling examples of AI generated content.
    • Why it’s not a fad. And why it’s not just about Chat GPT.
    • Timeline of developments to show how quickly it’s evolving already.
    • When is A.I. not A.I. and is Machine Learning the same thing – and does that matter?
    • Deadfakes and the editorial considerations of using AI in news and current affairs.
    • Breaking down A.I. into production categories and workflows.

    EXERCISE – Using some direction with basic prompts, use ChatGPT to create some focussed key content

    Day 2, (1st June 2023) You’re already using AI and probably don’t realise.

    • Why you may already be using A.I. but not know and why you may not be making the most of it.
    • We look at some A.I. U.I. examples as well as some A.I. end result examples of tools and platforms you may already be using.
    • We dive a bit deeper into the operation of some applications
    • Sound enhancing
    • Archive management, A.I. powered meta data creation and A.I. powered rushes selection
    • A.I. graphics tools and video compositing tools
    • Look at some A.I. solutions currently available that you may not have considered…
    • A.I. personal assistants, A.I. browser assistants, A.I. note taker, A.I. email sorter

    EXERCISE – we set up a browser assistant and set a specific task

    day 3. (2nd June 2023) Using A.I. in image research, archiving and scripting

    • Discussing AI tools such as Veritone, Vidado and Wipster which can automate the process of archiving and management of video archives.
    • Other tools such as IBM Watson Video Enrichment, Clarify, AWS Recognition, CLIP and Google Cloud Video Intelligence are breaking new ground in content and people identification, automating the process of meta data creation, tagging and even video transcript generation.
    • Copy AI and VideoKen are great script generation tools, whilst others like ScriptHop can analyse already generated scripts and offer improvement suggestions as well as creating new scripts. Kaldi can do something similar although it’s more a transcript tool like Noopta.

    EXERCISE – we set up one of the script generation tools and generate a useable script

    Day 4. (7th June 2023) Chat GPT 4 and it’s competitors

    • What’s the difference between CHAT GPT 3, 3.5 and now CHAT GPT 4.
    • What can GPT 4 actually do and how do we get the best from it for stills, audio and video.
    • How to unlock the power of Chat GPT using Prompts
    • How to write instructions and key prompts and what is prompt engineering
    • Teaching Chat GPT

    EXERCISE – Set up a CHAT GPT challenge

    Day 5. (8th June 2023) Using A.I. in image creation

    • Look at how AI has spawned image creation focussed tools and list and then look through the pros and cons of the current main players.
    • Look at some stunning, and in some cases, alarming examples.
    • We explain how we can interact with these tools using Discord
    • A detailed tutorial into MidJourney

    EXERCISE – Discuss specific image requirements for each and how we might create that and then generate for each.

    Day 6. (9th June 2023) Using A.I. in video creation and post production

    • Look at some examples of video completely and totally created by A.I.
    • Discussing the implications of this.
    • List and look through some of the current main players in A.I. video creation.
    • Focus on one tool and dive in with a tutorial on how to use it.

    EXERCISE – Outline a specific video and have a go at creating it.

    Day 7 (15th June 2023) . A.I. Apps focussed for the smartphone and production

    • Most smartphone apps are a neatly packaged way of accessing online browser based AI tools. But then some are also unique. They are all worth looking at having on your phone.
    • Tools include; Quillbot, LucidPic, Lexica, Prime Voice AI, Murf AI, PaperCup, Adobe Podcast, MetaVoice, SoundRaw, Futuri, Kaiber, DeepBrain, Synthesia, Elai, Synthesis X, 12ft, PowerMode, Uizard, MiniStudio,
    • Dive into 2 or 3 and look at how to use them in more detail.

    EXERCISE – Identify some useful apps, download them and get them up and running.


    Day 8 (16th June 2023) . Using A.I. for SFX and compositing, things we hadn’t even considered and what does the future look like.

    Look at some of the more bizarre A.I. tools out there that could indirectly help us with the production process – or indeed optimising the wider workflow.

    We then look some of the more impressive A.I. powered compositing and SFX tools. We look at some examples of work created by them.

    We look to the future at where A.I. is going and try and predict what developments to keep on top of that could affect our industry.



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