03 - 05 July 2023

Workshop: Editor of the future

What does it take to succeed and excel at one of the most exciting jobs in the media industry – being the editor-in-chief or head of a newsroom and leading a group of journalists in your newsroom? Come to London in July and find out!

Being a newsroom leader is now far more than being a great journalist. It is about leading a team who may well know more about digital platforms and tools than you do, coaching people to understand how to learn new skills, having difficult conversations, and managing stakeholders in the business who aren’t journalists.

This workshop provides a detailed and very modern approach to what being an editor or head of a newsroom means.

Alan Hunter (HBM Advisory) and Jeremy Clifford (Chrysalis Transformations) are two experienced journalists and coaches from the UK who have created this high-quality program over three days. It covers the following topics:

• Why digital is different
• How to organise a digital newsroom
• Content strategy and Product thinking
• Journalists and “the business”
• Managing Millennials/Gen Z
• How to sell data to the newsroom
• Should we be on TikTok
• Key strengths of editors in chief
• Defining a digital strategy

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Martin Fröhlich

Director Digital Revenue Network