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Are you interested to support the internation color quality contest?


Be recognized as a sponsor on all communication materials of ICQC 2022-2024: Tutorials, instructions, evaluation reports,  website, brochures, on the ICQC logo wall during IFRA World Publishing Expo 2021 and in the printed WinnerBook.



ICQC offers sponsor in the following categories:

  • Paper ,Ink and  Press Materials
  • Presses
  • Software 
  • Quality Control
  • Mailroom/Finishing
  • Print business & Services
  • Editorial Services

The International Color Quality Club (ICQC) is the only world-wide print quality competition for newspapers and magazines. Its goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing, while seeding the  competitiveness and motivational thoughts to the work force of the organization.  The competition has been held every two years since 1994. Publications that participate with success are awarded member- ship for a two-year period in the exclusive club of top-quality titles.

  • FULL PAGE ADVERTISEMENT in the ICQC Book, to be published and distributed at IFRA / DCX 2021, in Berlin
  • STAGE APPEARANCE a special invitation to be on stage at Expo and handout the ICQC awards to winners
  • WINNERS BOOK 10 copies of the International Color Quality Club Book for you and your customers
  • LOGO PLACEMENT on all communications material, website and associated newsletters and the monthly reports to participants

If you wish to secure your place as a sponsor, please contact:

Ingi Olaffson
Director – WPF , WAN-IFRA
Tel. +49  1512 5923318


Maria J. Belém
Sales Manager – Global Events WAN-IFRA
Tel. +49 (0) 69 24 00 63-289


Prabhu Natrajan
Research Engineer
Tel. +91  8792178292

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